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  1. mattulong

    MD-11F MDL file

    I was thinking of buying anyone who could help a pint (via paypal)..... B)
  2. mattulong

    MD-11F MDL file

    Hi Jim, Sorry, I did not think about that, my mistake. I would never have any pirated software, I'm dead against this. Thank you all again for your help and support.
  3. mattulong

    MD-11F MDL file

    It's all fixed and back to normal. Thank you so much for all your help B) B) B) B)
  4. mattulong

    MD-11F MDL file

    To be honest I'm not the best with computers and I tend to cause more issues correcting things then I do fixing things. Pretty embarrassing to be honest. Hi, and thank you! Kyle, thank you very much! I'll have a go at reinstalling the aircraft. Not a hard task, but I'm sure I'll mess something up lol. Thank you all again. Matt long.
  5. mattulong

    MD-11F MDL file

    Hi all, I have been a bit of a prat, and decided to remove the VC on my MD-11F....... I know!..... :( Well, It worked, the VC has gone, but so have my taxi/landing lights (when viewed from the 2D cockpit). I know how to solve it, just install the MD-11 again and I'll be ok, not that easy. It's a long story -_- Could anyone please email me over the original ''PMDG_MD11_PWFb_FS9.mdl'' file please by email? I would be so greatful if anyone could! If you can, then please PM me and I'll pass you my email. I'll make sure I make it worth your while.... promise! B) Any help would be soooooo so good! Thank you all in advance!! Matt ^_^