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  1. First off, I would like to say I am very happy with the aircraft, but this issue is staring to irritate me. In level cruise flight with AP engaged and on course, the aircraft will start doing wild roll oscillations (almost reminds me of a dutch roll, except the airplane stays mostly coordinated and doesn't change altitude except as a result of the EXTREME bank angles), sometimes going up to and past 60 degrees of bank. It goes in both directions, and occasionally seems to correct, then rolls again! I have replicated the problem with and without my weather software (REX), and it only happens after being in cruise for an extended time (over an hour). Attached is a screenshot of my VC with the MCP showing, during one of these extreme roll events, as well as the flight track. Thanks for your help! Steven W. Sorry for the repeat post, AVSIM was giving me issues. Steven W
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