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  1. Clayton Pheiffer

    Route Planning

    If at all you begin to find FSX ATC bothersome for its weaknesses then it may be a good idea to either fly online (VATSIM, IVAO etc) or to get an ATC add-on like VoxATC to deliver realistic clearances and support for SIDs/STARs etc. Otherwise, keep using FSX ATC - and there's not much wrong with using it as a VFR aircraft when conditions permit, so that you can keep your specified route, and then simply not using it in IFR conditions :-) Hope this helps
  2. Clayton Pheiffer

    Route Planning

    If you have a flight planner that can output a '.pln' file, you can load it straight into the sim flight planner dialog. However, SID/STAR and some newly added waypoints will not be included as the sim can't "see" them (FSX doesn't use updated AIRACs). Personally, I don't use FSX ATC much for the lack of SID/STAR instructions that should be issued by the ATC, and instead heading changes that incorrectly 'shortcut' the real world flight plan, or exclusion of waypoints the aircraft knows but the sim doesn't. (Ps. I am not sure if .pln is the only type of file that can be imported to FSX- if you can't get to a planning program that'll make it for you) Hope this helps a bit
  3. Clayton Pheiffer

    Route Planning

    You could start with a site like or If you don't mind spending some money on a good planner, PFPX from is one of the programs you can get that will do fuel calculations and a lot more as well. Clayton
  4. Clayton Pheiffer

    Custom waypoints Ignored - PMDG 777-200LR

    Strangely enough, definitely track Aha! You've caught me! I must've firstly entered distance '/5' , then tried to change it to '/4.9' - My fault! Thanks to everyone for their help, and apologies for my ignorance!
  5. Clayton Pheiffer

    Custom waypoints Ignored - PMDG 777-200LR

    I was referring to: (I didn't know how else to explain) -Which I know very well so that is not a problem, but here's what I did: Parked at UUDD, expected to depart RW14L and fly DK14L departure. 'DK14L' was not available in the FMC - as it was shown on an outdated chart that I had. So I decided to follow the chart and manually enter the missing info-Which consisted only of: climb on 136* track, Right turn at DMD 4.9 DME on to a bearing of 214*, to the DK NDB. I selected the departure runway, then selected the closest "DK" SID to the one I was to follow, and added the 'DMD 4.9 DME' waypoint into the FMC. Realising I made a small error, I deleted it and attempted to re-enter it EXACTLY how and where it was before. This time, it was not accepted. So I had to fly the SID manually- ignoring the FD with VOR on the ND selected. Note: I have not updated my FMS data in a while, so some procedures may have changed. I hope this bit of info helps. Thanks for all the help Clayton
  6. Clayton Pheiffer

    Custom waypoints Ignored - PMDG 777-200LR

    I have encountered the vectors in a STAR rule, but this time it was during a SID. (Could that be the problem?) I entered the waypoint in the format as shown in the original post, in order to comply with a SID. Without having pressed EXEC I realised I had made a small error and tried to correct it by a re-entry. This is when my entry was ignored. I find it interesting how the FMC will allow one entry but even if it is deleted, a second will be ignored. Thanks for the replies! Clayton
  7. Clayton Pheiffer

    Custom waypoints Ignored - PMDG 777-200LR

    Hello all! After flying the 777 for almost a year, I recently noticed that my custom waypoints were being 'ignored'. I have, for as long as I've flown the 777, successfully entered multiple custom waypoints in the (example) format: " JSV034/20 " ('JSV' being a VOR, '034' the bearing and '20' the distance.) Since I installed SP1C, the FMC will accept custom waypoint entry only once, but then if I decide to insert another, it is simply 'ignored'. (without the display of "INVALID ENTRY" or anything like that). Note: I have tried this entry into the LEGS page, RTE page and FIX page. and still experience the same problem. Any help or advice on this problem will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance Clayton
  8. Clayton Pheiffer

    PMDG secret project

    I would be willing to pay $100... for an underdone 'Steam gauge' aircraft such as the 747-'Classics' (-100/200/300/SP). The 3-man crew part would be the only problem though... -_- Just because the bird no longer really flies, doesn't mean we can forget her! Even at this point with so many glass cockpits in FSX, still looking forward to 747v2! (and definitely the DC-6!) C.Pheiffer