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  1. problem solved. Many thanks Steve for your assistance.
  2. Hi Steve, I have the same problem. I turn off all functions of my comodo internet security premium. I can not install or update the libraries. I try place manualy these file : d3dx10_34.dll dx10SharedLib.dll dx10fixerlib.dll to FSX directory. But after that, FSX does not launch. I delete these files, FSX launch. With scenery fixer, i can update libraries.
  3. Gilles.DR315

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    I conducted a new test today on LTBA (taxi2gate scenery) with the hot fix (lastest update). Uninstallation, and new installation to own with SIDSTAR conv. AI aircraft are now able to consider the runway.(35R for take off, and 05 for landing). Ai monitor show this information. Unfortunately, they no longer follow the taxiways. They run in circles at the holding point, they run on the grass, they cross the buildings.... The pushback goes so far, that the planes go on the runway. Thus, they are all in conflict, there is no take-off and landing. Gilles
  4. Gilles.DR315

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Thank you very much roland for this new version. I performed a test on LTBA (taxi2gate). The wind of 350 ° for 8 knots. In real conditions (with Active Sky 2016), runway 35L is used for take-off, runway 05 for landing. With scenery editor (ADE), all of my runways are allowed (take-off and landing). I force runway 05 for landings and 35L for take-off with the program. But all AI aircraft land and take-off on runway 35R. The program is executed in administrator mode, options to default. SID/STAR are converted and active for LT** zone (LTBA...) I have the same result in generic approaches. 1) Is what the wind speed can cancel the command to force ? 2) can the simulation speed (example x4) cause errors ? 3) Is it possible to force a runway with a tailwind of 12 kt for example? I do tests (plane parked on gate) in view mode "top-down". Why does not it work? Thank you for your support.
  5. Gilles.DR315

    Very long AI contrails - custom

    Thank you for your message, Indeed, changing this value, the contrail is longer. however, impossible to make it appear as AI aircraft is not visible, or at a distance. The contrail is visible only when visible flypast AI. (circle of 10 Nm) I wanted to reproduce the same effects as these pictures : there must be another value to change : (radius ?) The effect is active if AI aircraft is in an area of less than 10 nm I know that for light (beacon, strobe) aircraft AI, the distance is greater than 10 NM. I am aware that such a request will have a very bad impact on game performance. (FPS)
  6. Hi, I want to increase the distance of the AI contrails. I know it takes work on this file: contrail = fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726C58476F30724A6E6642493438546C5369687130724B //FSFX_PFX_Effect under EFFECTS we have : fsfx_PFX_3263496B6372304972726C58476F30724A6E6642493438546C5369687130724B.fx It can be opened with Notepad Under which section should I change? [Particle.0] Lifetime = 2.00, 20.00 Lifetime=360.0, 360.0 <-------- These are numbers in seconds, I like 360 seconds (50 miles in a fast moving jet) but you may like a lower number. Just remember that this simply alters how long the contrail effect lasts. example: if I wanted a minute I would put the value of 60.0 I wish such a display up to 50 NM : thank you for your support. Gilles From France