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  1. Thanks for responding. Yes I saw that and that's good for a temporary band aid to get by, but I hope that's not a permanent solution. We use crash detection to ensure we are flying correctly so keeping if off would negate the ability to leverage the simulation correctly. I live in Fort Lauderdale and so I wanted to use your scenery to practice flights there and back before I do it for real. What's the plan on adjusting the elevation of the scenery. Thanks in advance. Devon
  2. Help, I just purchased bot MYBS and Cat cay and I can't either take off from or land there, I register a crash directly after my plane generates or about 10 feet above the ground respectively. I have been looking around and I do have both Pilot mesh and Orbx add-ons, and I have already executed the FTX adjustments. Help!! 🙂 Devon
  3. I was looking at the Turbo Commander (I love that plane and it has special signifance to me from my student days), but the PC12 is good too. I wished it worked on the TC too. Thanks much for this. DW
  4. Thanks. For example, any of the Coronado A/C in P3D v4. Will it work in the instrument panel. Thanks. DW
  5. Ryan - Before I buy I wanted to make sure that it would work intgrated in the panel in A/C on P3D since that's all I fly. Do you know of a list of A/C that RXP wouldl work with? Thanks much. Devon
  6. Is there a list of all 3rd perty addon aircraft that supports the RXP products in the panel on P3D v4? I am ready to buy but finding it difficult finding this support listing. Thanks. Devon
  7. Team - I just bought the QOTS 747 - 8 a bit ago and while attempting to install it, it does NOT see the installed QOTS 747 II Base I purchased this morning once I saw it would have been required. I know it installed okay because I already completed a test flight between KMIA and KATL with it. It was installed and updated with the operations center. But now the new dash 8 installer thinks the base is not installed. Help 🙂 Devon
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