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  1. 777 300 loads dead and without gear down

    Using FSX - The 777 200 is ver 1.10.8414 and the 300 ver is the same. I've had this problem for months and months so I probably did install another version of the 777 at some point. Kenneth Strout Maine
  2. I have had this problem for months and have tried everything I can think of plus other recommendations. My 777 Ver 300 won't load correctly. When I load it the aircraft is dead and dark plus the gear is not down. The plane is suspended above the runway . My other versions of 777 work fine. The problem seems to be isolated to the 777 300. Does anyone have a possible fix for me?
  3. When I try to load a PMDG Aircraft using select aircraft the plane does appear but the plane is hovering above the ground without the wheels being down. Everything else is dark and you can't select anything. I have been experiencing this on and off meaning sometimes it would work as intended and other times as I described above. I have reinstalled FSX and the PMDG aircraft to no avail. Currently I can't load any PMDG without it appearing in the hover position. All other aircraft (non PMDG) load and work as intended. Can anyone give me an idea where to trouble shoot this. Thanks KIS1000 Ken Strout
  4. I have a question which I know is buried somewhere in the manuals but I can't find it. How do you load the 777 with the engines running and ready for flight? I haven't used this in over a year and need a little info on this setup. Thanks for not making fun of me or telling me to read the manuals. Sometimes just want a quick flight without having to do research to help me remember. Ken
  5. I am trying to reinstall my basic file for the 777 into Steam and I received a failure error message saying the install failed because of "Coexistence Failure" which continued to say contact PMDG support and they would furnish me with a program to correct the problem. How does one contact PMDG Support for this?