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  1. jpaintain

    Problem with downloaded liveries

    Dam, I feel like an idiot should of realized but thanks for the input I was scratching my head over this one for ages. The light things not really an issue its just what happens is when I change from 737 to 737 in the main FSX menu the beacon light ends up just staying on for some reason when I next fly now. I think its just a small bug nothing serious it resets itself when I restart. Thank you anyway for replying to my message.
  2. jpaintain

    Problem with downloaded liveries

    Hi, I'm new to this site but I've come here to get some help with a real issue that's bugging me. I've recently bought the pmdg 737 and I think its a great simulation, however every livery I install from the website I end up getting a very buggy aircraft with the main issue being every time I turn on the dc battery switch I get this horrible irritating clicking sound which lasts the whole time and I know its not suppose to be there because the original livery from pmdg doesn't have it. Also some of the lights don't work either or are very inconsistent on any of the liveries downloaded. Its a real problem because I haven't spent money on this product just to fly around in the pmdg colours and need it sorted. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.