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  1. Miguel737NG

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Jim, Like myself, Chris has installed P3D on a fully virgin Windows set tup. I have formatted my disk(s), installed fresh version of Windows 10 and the problem persists, although less frequent than Chris as it appears, but definitely mostly during dusk/night. It is true that P3D is capable of running a lot of add-ons without any problems, but it is also true that with plenty of add-ons things can go wrong - plenty of these on the web. What is more unusual is a virgin, default, copy showing instability for some. Whilst for some the common remedies are enough and justifiable on the basis of hardware or add-on causing instability, the case here is a completely different one - there are no possible interactions other than the P3D platform itself and the GPU. Chris repeatedly mentioned his P3D is running on a recent/freshly installed Windows 10 OS; GPU is NOT tweaked and no other add-on installed on P3D. All very default. @Chris, you mentioned you have tested with another 1080 card. Was it a one off test? I don't get the DXGI error on every flight. It is pretty random. Perhaps if you have flown longer with the 1080 card the problem would replicate...?
  2. Miguel737NG

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Hi Ive been following your posts (here and in LM forums). My GPU is the GTX980 and I too have the same DXGI error. Windows 10. No overclocking. Both CPU and GPU by defaults. The crash is happening very randomly but mostly during dusk! No tweak whatsoever. No NI. Have tested older drivers and the reg entries too. It keeps crashing at dusk! Shadow quality and distance both set to minimum = crash. GPU passes stress test. Temps are cool. Other latest games run great, no problems. Very frustrating as I'm running out of options too. Following your steps!...