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  1. Great, I kinda got it. Some how my networked computer went to public instead of private network. Now I can get 60nm with detail button pressed. I used to get 90nm. Anything else I van be missing? Thx again.
  2. I don't know what happened but I cant figure it out. I used to be able to get 90nm with map locked to aircraft and detail on. I searched all over and couldn't find the answer. Hope someone can help me out...thx. I have ASN networked.
  3. c17loadjp

    KnobMode in HIDMacros

    OK so I have gotten most events to work, but I cant figure out how to set up the arrow keys to use for knob direction. Say for like the heading bug and a double click to engage heading. The PMDG 737 way doesn't work. Thank you for your help.
  4. c17loadjp

    SDK Events not working

    I can get some things to work. what I did was just match the numbers to 737 sdk.h file. the bad thing is that a lot of the numbers arnt there. I think I might need a global script that matches the 777 like the 737 has for hidmacros. I tried different things in that script but does not work. I have no idea how to set the "#define PMDG_EVT" in hidmacros. somethings I figured out as far as hidmacros.fsxevent"#......",0. But problem I have there is I cant figure out how to get the same keypress to do the opposite action, like taxi light. I can get it on but it wont turn off. another thing I cant figure out is knobmode for spinning the knobs. I wish it was as easy as the pmdg 737. thanks for any and all help.
  5. c17loadjp

    SDK Events not working

    I thought I tried that.....thank you so much for your help c0nnex
  6. c17loadjp

    SDK Events not working

  7. c17loadjp

    SDK Events not working

    Nobody? Out of all of you computer geniuses. Anybody know of another way to assign pmdg 777 events to a second keyboard? Thanks.
  8. c17loadjp

    SDK Events not working

    under macros, new...type name of event. Under action, scripted....type in the event,..ex. call LeftClick("PMDG_EVT_OH_LIGHTS_TAXI") Then hit scan, and the key on your keyboard.
  9. c17loadjp

    SDK Events not working

    Hi all, I have searched for hours and cant find anything. I have HIDmacros and the 737ngx works great, but I try to program HIDMacros for the T7 and they don't work. I do get some odd switches when I program a different event. Like, call LeftClick ("PMDG_EVT_OH_LIGHTS_TAXI"), the wing light switch throws. I am Stumped, any advice is appreciated.