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  1. mrluca

    2D View shortcuts

    Exactly what i meant, thx So there is no possibility to set it in P3D or the 777 itself? Maybe in a config file, idk where the presets are saved ^^
  2. mrluca

    2D View shortcuts

    Hmm.. Can't i simply change these shortcuts? If you are in VC display and press A four times, you are able to get to the 2D OVHD panel, but that's annoying :/ Ok sorry, edited ^^
  3. Dear community, I bought the 777 a few days ago, it's an awesome plane! The only thing that annoys me is the lack of a shortcut to the overhead panel etc., like i saw in the 737. I'd like to e.g. SHIFT-6 to get directly to the lower ovhd panel. I tried many things in P3D, but wasn't able to change anything :/ Thx for your help, Fabio de Stefani
  4. mrluca

    777 in Prepar3D

    Dear Community, I have a quite big problem: I only have P3D, and i'd like to run the PMDG 777 I have heard that it isn't possible to install it directly into P3D, the same thing as the 737. I managed to run the 737 on P3D with a few tweaks, a friend of mine used the FSX to Preoar3d migration tool.... FSX and P3D run on the same source code, so... Did anybody try to import it? Thank you! Greetings
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