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  1. Sorry for all the confusion. I did not understand what was happening. Here is the explanation. My setup contains two projectors so I need edge blending as well as image correction for my curved screen. For this purpose I run NTHUSIM. For some reason NTHUSIM and the Post process shaders seems to have some conflicts. So I have to start NTHUSIM *after* I run Prepar3d and setup the views. Otherwise it seems that NTHUSIM hooks into the output of Prepar3d (DirectX renderer) and messes with the P3D window. So my simulator window was split into two sections (as per defined in NTHUSIM). I was thinking this was related to Prepp3d. When I quit NTHUSIM the problem went away. Now I can enjoy the image without FOV distortion. Now I have to play with FOV settings and camera settings. Thanks ALOT for Prepp3D Views! I will provide feedback after I've tried more advanced settings.
  2. Denali, I would like some advice on how to completely remove the functions of this your application. I detected that it was not enough to remove the shader files and empty the cache. There is STILL something strange going on in my setup. I guess it was introduced with the Prepp-application. My main view (VC with or without cockpit) is now split in the center of the screen and the distortion shader applied - even though I have removed the shader files (in the Shader directory) AND emptied the cache in appdata/local. I'm wondering if there is something stored within DirectX or the graphics card (AMD)?
  3. Hello, how do you remove this application? I removed the camera. (cameras.cfg) When I start Prepar3d I still get a distorted view. So I removed the PostProcess shaders. And cleared out the shaders cache (in appdata/local). But still get a distorted view when starting Prepar3d. Edit: Tried a reinstall of Prepar3d, still the same "distorted" view (as you get when installing Prepp3d view). Edit 2: re-installed ATI/AMD drivers. Fixed the problem. Haven't found a way to flush the GPU shader cache...
  4. THANK YOU VERY much Denali (and others who have contributed) to this piece of software. I would like to get some hints on how to proceed with my setup. I have one computer for cockpit instruments (and other tools) ("master") On the slave-PC I have two projectors, in Eyefinity setup (that would present the out the window view) On the slave-PC I also run NTHUSIM for edge blending of the projectors and perspective correction. The projectors are projected on a curved screen, about 4 meters diameter, about 160 degree horizontal FOV. I just played around for a short while with Prepp3d views and while I was in the expanded dimensions I could see that in the CENTER of the screen (the edge blended area) I could notice some distorsions. Is that because I have to add something with bezels to the Prepar3d cameras? I just realized, that in my previous setup, I had desktop warping, which "shrunk" the available total resolution (because of the edge blending due to the projectors). So in my previous setup I had not 1920+1920 (3840) available for P3D, but instead something like 3600x1080. I guess, what I have to do is to play around with cameras.cfg and "overlap" the two cameras slightly to bridge the view in the edge blended zone? Hopefully I made myself understood Thanks