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  1. valettas

    Flight Plans.

    I recently purchased PMDG 737 NGX,love it.I have entered the two tutorials flight plans and they were a success,but any Flight Plans I downloaded from the internet something or other was not working with these plans.I did enter sids and stars but cant make heads or tails of them.Is there anywhere I can get flight plans that come with sids and stars if a runway was nominated,or must I devote time in study,I like flying sims but don't like having to spend many hours trying to get a flight plan loaded when I prefer to spend the time flying. Appreciate any suggestions. Mick.
  2. valettas

    Not the complete Configerator.

    I just downloaded fIX017b again its clear that I am not doing it right,please explain the step by step in getting this fix in the right place. Thank You.
  3. valettas

    Not the complete Configerator.

    OK this is what I know , I downloaded my order and I extracted into my Program Files 86,Microsoft Games,MFSX and it did that all by itself. The file name is FS2Crew 2010. I just double clicked this folder and I got the following two folders one is Misc and the other is Versions. Misc has two folders dxupdate and vs28008runtimes. Versions has five folders audioxact docs fsvideomarshaller gauges and icon. I Extracted Fix17b into the FSX Folder. where that ended up I don't know I cant locate it,but it must be there. I have followed the manual to where it says to click on the new Configerator so I clicked my original Configerator hoping to see the new Configerator with the FS2Crew stuff but I still have the old one. Hope this makes sense.I now cant go any further. I have win8 on a new computer. Thank You.
  4. valettas

    Not the complete Configerator.

    I did extract the 17b fix into the main FSX folder. But still no correct configurator. Regards.
  5. Hello. Just downloaded this product and when I right click the configurator it doesn't show the FS2 Crew panel on the right. Now prior to download the Configerator had two panels,but I see with the correct panel it should have three panels. My Configerator is not recognising FS2 Crew or the fix I downloaded. If I can get the third panel up it should work. I must tell you I am not experienced with computers. Can someone help me please.