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  1. It already works, thank you very much for your help and for this program. Carlos AM
  2. Hello and installed your programs to have AI on FS2020. Following the instructions I encounter the following error 51. I attach the program logs, if you can help me I have followed the instructions for use and installation. Sun May 23 16:04:56 2021 (utc) PSXT_MSFS version 22.7 for MSFS ********************************** parameters ********************************** from C:\Users\carlo\AppData\Roaming\PSXT_MSFS\parameters.xml MAIN_WINDOW_X=881 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=434 REMOVE_FALSE_THRESHOLD=50 PROGRAM_VERSION=22.7 INSTALL_PATH=C:\PSXT_MSFS LIVERIES_FOLDER=installation_liveries AIRPORTS_FOLDER=installation_airports LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=true LOG_APF_CHANGES=true RANDOM=true ADD_ORIG_DEST=true ALWAYS_ON_TOP=true AUTO_MODE=true LOG_MATCH_LIVE=true LOG_MATCH_STATIC=true LOG_PARK_CHANGES=true COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true LATERAL_RANGE=100 MATCHING_DEPTH=10 PARKED_MATCHING_DEPTH=8 BLOCK_CALLSIGN= ******************************************************************************** Aircraft type information read from data\types.xml, PSXseeconTraffic-20.2-Jan 14, 2021 87 aircraft heights from C:\Users\carlo\AppData\Roaming\PSXT_MSFS\avg_heights.txt Wingspan information read from data\wingspan.xml, PSXseeconTraffic + Nico-20.2-April 28, 2021 ********************************************** liveries summary ********************************************** lf_startUp Error 51: File installation_liveries\AI_liveries.xml not found ********************************** parameters ********************************** from C:\Users\carlo\AppData\Roaming\AILG_MSFS\parameters.xml MAIN_WINDOW_X=563 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=204 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=May 23, 2021 PROGRAM_VERSION=1.6 INSTALL_PATH=C:\AILG_MSFS INCLUDE_VAS=false INCLUDE_GXX=true INCLUDE_ZXX=true REPAIR_FORMAT=false OUTPUT_FOLDER=liveries folder0=F:\paquetes fs instalador\Community folder1=F:\paquetes fs instalador\Official folder2= folder3= folder4= folder5= folder6= folder7= folder8= folder9= ******************************************************************************** OUTPUT_FOLDER=liveries Aircraft type information read from data\types.xml author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 20.2, date: Jan 14, 2021 Number of concurrent threads supported by your cpu: 8 2424 ICAO Aircraft type information read from "data\aircraft.xml" author: AILGenerator + Nico, version: 3.3, date: Jan 14, 2021 6146 ICAO Airline codes read from "data\airlines.xml" author: AILGenerator + Nico, version: 3.8, date: May 2, 2021 130 fixes read from data\fixes.xml 124 PVT fixes read from data\fixes.xml 894 GOV fixes read from data\fixes.xml author: Nico & Devin, version: 9.3, date: Feb 3, 2021 "liveries\AI_liveries.xml" removed "info\AirlineData.txt" removed "info\AircraftCfgWithNoFltsimSection.txt" removed "info\EmptyRegistrations.txt" removed "info\LiveriesSkippedOnPriority.txt" removed "errors\LiveriesSkippedOnRregistration.txt" removed "errors\InvalidAirlineCodes.txt" removed "errors\InvalidAircraftCodes.txt" removed "errors\Fixes.txt" removed "errors\InvalidAircraftCfgFiles.txt" removed "errors\IncompleFltsimSections.txt" removed folder "errors" removed Searching in F:\paquetes fs instalador\Community => 1142 liveries found Searching in F:\paquetes fs instalador\Official => 74 liveries found Total valid found: 1216 "errors\InvalidAirlineCodes.txt" written Invalid airline codes: 83 "errors\InvalidAircraftCodes.txt" written Invalid type codes: 12 Fixed codes: 1 "errors\Fixes.txt" written Empty aircraft.cfg: 1 "info\AircraftCfgWithNoFltsimSection.txt" written Invalid aircraft.cfg: 30 "errors\InvalidAircraftCfgFiles.txt" written "errors\IncompleFltsimSections.txt" written % without registration code: 45 Skipped on priority: 58 Skipped on registration code: 170 "errors\LiveriesSkippedOnRregistration.txt" written 988 liveries written to "liveries\AI_liveries.xml" Unique airlines: 224 Unique types : 29 "info\EmptyRegistrations.txt" written "info\AirlineData.txt" written I look forward to your help thank you very much. Carlos AM.
  3. Hello everyone. Sometimes find solutions is frustrating, but there I keep trying and I have good and bad news, because I receive CTD without explanation in Event View of Windows, other caused by modules, event but good that these not OOMS causes them and the VAS is more Stable. I have installed a P3d Versions 4.0 and works well, maybe eat a little more than VAS to the 3.3.5, 10-15 %, but even so is stable. But on the other hand appear CTD anytime, so I do not see it as safe, try to put the versions fix 3.4.14 and even worse, only come to the initial screen of choice of flight, and anything that touches jus closing it. So I went back to the 3.4 and keep trying. Add-ons Rex 4 and soft cloud Ok. As Next or 2016 Ok. EZCA problems setting maybe, still looking at him, consumer more VAS without using it, before it was no so. Fspassenger Ok. ProatcX Ok. Ground Service X It´s Ok, but it causes problems in cuantl.exe in some CTD. For which worries you reinstalled Windows 10 I propose an experiment. This link allows you check the windows version, and download and install Windows 10 version Anniversary, as I said the possible cause was a failure of the update. https://support.microsoft.com/es-es/instantanswers/d4efb316-79f0-1aa1-9ef3-dcada78f3fa0/get-the-windows-10-anniversary-update I will continue trying to run version 3.4 and checking things and I will continue informing. Regards, Carlos Aranda. Win 7 and Win 8.1 users have not reported problems of OOMS, maybe some CTD.
  4. Hello everyone. My name´s Carlos Aranda, I’m from Granada, Spain. I’m passionate of the simulation of flight and user of FS from the version 5.0 and now as user of LM Prepar3d. As all who have reported problem with Prepar3d Versions 3.3.5 and 3.4. I also have been suffering them with the same failures that comments. I have 3 month investigating problems and almost no finish any flight more than 1 hour due to consumption of VAS that is disappears too quickly without explanation, when this was not happening before. Although all suspect that they were LM P3d 3.3.5 and 3.4 and fix 3.4.14. These curiously coincided with the update Windows 10 anniversary. But what my research focused on this update of Windows 10 anniversary as the culprit of the problems with prepar3d, and other games, as I’ve seen in forums comment on bugs. The detect that add-ons can cause damage to the proper functioning of Prepar3d. As an example, FS Real Time has caused me some CTD with error known as lack module kernelbase.dll this still have it in quarantine, but it may be one of those responsible for CTD and I’m still investigating him. Now, how to solve Prepar3d for proper operation. Tired already of this failure and with patience, I decide to install Windows 10 from zero on the HDD and clean install from USB. The version I have is the above Windows 10 Anniversary, format the HDD to do a clean install. After installing Windows 10, I check that it is properly installed and until they enter updates, create a restore point. Looking at the Windows version, I note that he has already installed the only during installation Windows 10 Anniversary version. During installation, you have downloaded the latest version, not allowing me to return to the previous version. I thought well let’s try to see if it now works better. I installed P3d Versions 3.3.5 which was the first that gave me problems. The Add-on for text only install the minimum, Aerosoft A320 aircraft, scenery FTX Global 1.4 FTX LandClass Europe y ultimate terrain Europe. Scenery, Madrid Barajas 2008 LEMD and Verona Villafranca LIPX to make a first test flight. FS2crew Airbus, Fspassenger y Pro ATC. I did not want to install more Scenery to check everything worked fine. I have brought a pleasant surprise to see, Yes, Prepar3d works well and manages the VAS as before the error, even recovering a little of you VAS and stays stable during a flight. A picture is worth more than 1000 words. I leave some pictures of the flight that made yesterday. LEMD-LIPX duration 2 h 20’ or preparations before 30 minutes more. My PC is very modest, especially graphics for my enough to enjoy Prepar3d and performance is that you see in the photos. GTX470 Nvidia Driver 376.09 I7 2600 3.40 GHz. As you can see in the images in the first 30 minutes of preparation, from the beginning to the end of preparations and starting engines the VAS down about 300 Mb, and this is my PC, I consider normal. Aerosoft A320 consumes a VAS only important in his home, the important thing is that the VAS down a little during flight. Before the takes off has already had consumed a little more than VAS. Cruise already the VAS shows stable and consumption is minimal during the flight time. In approach, already at LIPX the VAS is greater than 700 Mb. Is I joy to a flight of 2 hours 30 minutes and I’ll no have OOMS. Already in parking and disembarking passenger the aircraft the VAS is displayed more than 600 Mb. After 3 month to start or finish a flight show me happy for the results, and I think that you fixed to a large extent the problems. Although I am going to investigate as go installing ADD-ONS and setting, if I find any guilty. In conclusion, LM has never been the cause of failures in prepar3d. Windows 10 early on occurred error with updates, or not be downloaded, or were not fully installed, and for me this is the cause, a bad update of Windows 10 anniversary. That fortunately appears that, by performing a clean installation of the operating system, resolve the problem we have had all the users who have reported problems. Finally, I will continue reporting if any Add-Ons cause problems adding then slowly and I will keep you informed at all. Thank for my part to LM for keeping my passion for flying and fly a simulated plane. And because it helps me to continue living my passion for the simulation that I have from Microsoft FS 5.0. I have 3 years out of work due to de crisis and depression and thank to LM with prepar3d still live a passion that helps me every day. Wish you all happy flight, with prepar3d Happy Christmas and new year. Pd. Sorry for my English, is basic and I user windows translator and I hope that I may understand.
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