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  1. Support system...

    Yes that is the correct email that I use and been trying to send a forgot password to and nothing in my spam/ junk folder
  2. Support system...

    Yeh lets hope as I have tried it 10x and get nothing
  3. Support system...

    Nope nothing is their either, I was think of making a new profile on the support but that won't work as it is not linked with my current profile with the main site
  4. Support system...

    How do I go about resetting my password if the support system is not sending me a email?
  5. Support system...

    Ah okay, I will do that now I rarely use these forums thanks for letting me know.
  6. Support system...

    I have tried that I know my username but forgot my password and I have tried forgot password and putting in my email and username but I get nothing in my email asking me to reset it :( Yeh I know that I have contacted support before.
  7. Support system...

    Hello, I am making this topic to let you know if you don't already that your support page is not working in terms of sending me a forgot password or even login in. Thanks