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  1. RobsonM

    Error message I receive

    Guys at Aerosoft forum already responded: Just follow their instructions and if not sure, ask them
  2. RobsonM

    Error message I receive

    Ok. The problem is that you don't have all aircraft that are in the latest Airbus X package 1.10. Because you have DVD version you still use 1.03, but don't worry, you should be able to download latest installer from the store where you bought your DVD. If not then contact Aerosoft support for latest files. Also please read carefully! Each HotFix is intended to be installed over latest download version which is 1.10. For HotFix017 this notice was omitted as it was getting pretty obvious by 17th HotFix Another thing is that you should install all HotFixe's in their respective order. Unfortunately because you are using version 1.03, which I am really amazed by cause 1.10 is so much better :lol: , Configurator will not work properly... You can cheat it by creating missing directories and inserting panel.cfg from other Airbus X aircraft but this is the hard way... Better just get latest installer and be happy
  3. RobsonM

    Error message I receive

    No no Bryan. He was in a good folder Configurator was installed correctly as it's not using registry path to find FSX main folder but it's relation to it - so 2 folder up. If dwc3402 installed Configurator in wrong directory the error message about missing path would look completely different. Back to the core problem. On my laptop where I have FSX and AAX I noticed that there indeed are only 6 folders of Airbus X while on my main FSX PC I have 8 of them. So either this is installation error or newer versions of AAX have more variants. Either way dwc3402 should completely re-install AAX using latest installer as the problem is not related to Configurator after all.
  4. RobsonM

    Error message I receive

    Ok. Try re-installing AAX. First like Bryan said remove it completely with Uninstaller and then manually confirm all Airbus X folders are gone from Sim Objects\Airplanes. After this install it using latest installer if you have download version. Than see if you have more Airbus X folders
  5. RobsonM

    Error message I receive

    If you can please send us screenshot of your FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes folder or verify that you have 9 folders starting with "Aerosoft Airbus X" and that the missing folder "Aerosoft Airbus X A320 IAE NEO" is there. If not then you might need to re-install AAX using latest installer and then apply all hotfixes.
  6. RobsonM

    Error message I receive

    Hi, I am the developer of AAX configurator. F1 reg tool has nothing to do with this as configurator is not using registry to determine FSX location. Path seems correct and should be found so verify this: 1. that you run AAX configurator as admin. 2. that the path in the error message actually exists. Maybe it is simply missing... Kind regards, Robert Miroszewski.