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  1. Hi Mark, Thanks for the kind words! The map is a kind of personal thing. In a functional way, it acts as the base polygon for all xml control gauges (controlling sounds, the engine, etc). But the map itself shows the southern region of Dordrecht up to the Moerdijk bridges. This was the scene of the fatal mission of the 856: In fact, the T.5 development started for this video. Lot has changed since then. I've been considering a moving map, but didn't implement that. Regards, Daan
  2. Hi everybody, See the thread below. Cheers! Daan Kaasjager Dutcheeseblend
  3. Hi everybody, I'm glad to announce that my Fokker T.5 bomber addon for FSX and P3D has been released tonight! If everything is well, it will appear at the Avsim servers asap. The process of creating this addon was started in september 2014. It's been a long journey, but worth the effort. The Fokker T.5 was a medium bomber, of which the design initiating specifications started as a long-range armed patrol aircraft. However, it became fulfulling the role of a bomber. Already obsolete by technology, it yet fought during the invasion of Holland. It was an unequal battle. Sixteen have ever been built, none of which remains to this day. Some figures: two 925 HP Bristol Pegasus XXVI engines, max gross weight of 7650 kg, maximum speed 415 km/h (true). The bomb load could be extended to 1200 kg. The airplane was constructed of an all-metal nose section, wooden center section and wings, and a steel-tubing tail section. The addon is loaded with details, with a complete interior (nose to tail), fully functional crew positions, and accurate operating procedures. A beautiful Bristol Pegasus soundset by Gary Jones is included, enhanced with custom sounds throughout the interior. A comprehensive manual is provided, where historical information and operating instructions can be found. Read that! It will enhance your appreciation of the airplane. Included are many vintage systems, for example the original radio. Here's a few pictures to spice things up. Here's a few videos explaining some aspects. Thanks to all who contributed to the development of this addon. Kind regards, Daan Kaasjager Dutcheeseblend
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