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  1. Some quick background . I've been on Vatsim since the Roger Wilco days, yes I'm aging myself. I had my first issue last night and got booted off. Needless to say I was little annoyed because I didn't even get a chance to reply to the private msg. I was booted of the network. It said that my mic was transmitting and I needed to turn it off. Well, my mic was turned off so how it was transmitting is anyone's guess. I "think" the issue is with the calibration through Xsquawkbox and maybe the mic boost is to high? During the test, If I get the background noise right and then go to the voice test I get the message that my mic is cold turn it up. I did that and turned the boast up to 10+ That seemed to work for the test. The calibration test was happy. I thought the first test I did sounded fine to me, but with the error message I wasn't sure. The long story short is I got the IXEG 737 regular price and a bunch of scenery on a 4th of July sale. Now I feel I can't use them for the intended purposes of flying the 737 on Vatsim. I don't want to take a chance in my account getting terminated or suspended. There's no way for me to know if it works or not unless I log on! It could be my the headset is bad or has a faulty connection, but it doesn't sound like it too me. Has anyone had this happen? There's no information on this issue. This is a "fresh" install of 10.45. I'm hesitant to upgrade to the latest beta because the 737 would always crash at some point. I'm using the internal sound chip for my headset and my nice sound blaster for the external speakers. This set-up works fine p3d. Again this is a first so if anyone has experience with this I would like to know . Thanks in advance. Richard
  2. rlawrence

    Radar Contact Win 10

    That was the first thing I did, ALT-TAB. RC was still running. The display box in FSX stays the same, even when you do press 1 to contact twr. It's the same with FSS . I have FSX and RC on a separate drive. I'll try the permisson's too.
  3. rlawrence

    Radar Contact Win 10

    I've tried it all, except the default airport in fsx. It does not matter the control set I use. It's all the same. The display window gives you the normal display. There no errors or anything to indicate a problem. Once RC tries to contact tower there is nothing. The same if FSS is used. This did not start until the upgrade to Win10 from 8.1. I thought a fresh install of RC4.3 would fix it, but the problem remains.
  4. Have any of you experienced any problems with RCv4 and Windows 10? Here's my issue. I can get ATIS. I can contact clearance and ground. When I'm told to contact tower I can't do anything at that point. Furthermore, I can't contact FSS at airports where it's needed. I'm not sure what the issue could be. I've tried all sorts of different ideas. I've tried all the compatibility modes, a refresh install of RC, run as admin and even went as far to go with an old version of FSUIPC. All produce the same results. I have all the required libraries installed. I suppose it's just a Windows 10 issue with RC. Richard
  5. rlawrence

    Leonard Mad Dog

    The Mad dog works fine in Win 10, but the fonts display looks like a default windows font. I did an uninstall and reinstall of the MD with the same results. I went to the fonts directory of FSX. I tried a manual install of the MD fonts, but I get the error that it's not a ttf font or valid win font. I forget the exact error. Obviously, this is incorrect since it worked in Win 8.1. Did any of you using the MD have the same problem? There has to be some trick to get those fonts to display. I can live with it if not. It's a small glitch. It's the only problem I've had with my FSX in Win 10. Richard