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  1. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    When I save it, it creates a file called HKJK_ADE9_VP.ad3, its not a BGL, what do I do with it and where should I place it ?
  2. I was always thinking how to fix this, I really love the Airbuses by CLS, but the only minuses they have, is the touchdown effect, you know that the A330 and A340-200/300 on touchdown, sort of touches twice, first the rear wheels and than the aft ones of the main landing gear, the CLS models has the smoke effect only on the rear ones and than the aft ones touch the runway, but with no reaction, my question is, is it possible to add that effect to the aft wheels too ?
  3. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    The Width of the Runway in the AFCAD/ADE is 45.11 meters.
  4. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    I did a backup of that file, also strange is that AI aircraft on touchdown the smoke effect works, but on me it doesnt...
  5. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    I found AP957320.BGL in the Scenery\Afri folder, I changed it to Concrete sufrace, still no reaction, I also tried to create a Tarmac suface on the Runway, but nope itdoesnt give up, but neithr amI, still trying
  6. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    No I dont use any airport enhancement apps, I dont think the problem is the textures, because the default airport also has a concrete Runway and feels like gravel, when I only started using ADE and trying to find HKJK, it got me to a direction in the Scenery/Afri folder and found the default AFCAD I think, now i'm trying to find it again, its just that back than I was confused and focused on the AFCAD file from the Scenery folder. I'v attached a picture where you can see the dirt coming from the tires
  7. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    Yes I did compile the file and still zero reaction, the other werd thing is, the grass on both sides of the runway, and between taxiways, has a hard surface lol This Airport gives me the headaches, it simply does not give up... I appreciate all your advices though
  8. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    I use the OrientalSim Nairoby scenery, but the default was also looking like concrete, while behaving like bituminous, I tried also changing the center line like you said, but it still didnt work, I mean maybe I'm not saving it the right way, or I am missing something....
  9. vitea

    How to change Runway Surface ?

    Yeah, not even ADE didnt help much, thx for all the support though. I'm focused mainly on Jomo Kenyata Airport in Nairobi, its still a gravel type Runway, default or 3rd party, although it looks like concrete one, besides the elevation of the place the aircraft makes a slow take off and with this runway its almost impposible to get the 777 airborne on time.
  10. Hello, I want to know if its possilbe to change the surface of a Runway from Gravel/Grass to Concrete ? I hate a few airports with a Concrete runway, looking like one at least, but feels like a gravel one, I tried to change this through the AFCAD2 by Lee Swordy, but it didnt work...
  11. vitea

    Werd walls in KBOS

    Oh ok, thank you, it seems on their forum, a lot have other problems with the scenery after installing the updates
  12. Hello everyone, I have this little problem with the FlyTampa Boston updated version 3.2 in my FS9, I'm asking here first, if nobody knows, I'l ask FlyTampa, but maybe someone else has encountered this and it can happen in other airports too. Btw I also use Flight1 Ultimate Terrain USA