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  1. jdky29


    I opened a support ticket with Carenado. Here is their reply, this works for me: “you need to download the aircraft again, the new installer of the aircraft has the integration of the svs, once you reinstall the aircraft, your PFD will give you the option to start svs”
  2. I already own the first version. Is this a free upgrade or a new purchase?
  3. jdky29

    Integrating a GTN 750

    I was able to get the v2 GTN mod working for a while but then was prompted to install the latest update for GTN 750. Since then none of the mods are working (TBM 850 and Phenom 300).
  4. So I completely removed the Phenom 300 and deleted all references to it. Then, I reinstalled it, opened P3D to verifiy it loaded OK and the G1000 was working. I then closed P3D and applied the GTN 750 mod. Same thing! The mod didn't work.
  5. I applied the update. Version is 1.08. GTN works in my A2A C182 and the Beech Duke Turbine, but NONE of the Carenado aircraft.
  6. After I updated to P3D 3.4 the GTN 750 mod is no longer working. It does not show up in VC mode. So I decided to fly with the default G1000 and the autopilot doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  7. I applied Bert's mod and then the V2 mod from Captain Z. AP seems to be working except for the altitude and VS knobs.
  8. **I was able to resolve this. Disregard** Hello, I'm trying to move my viewpoint back a little in the VC. However, when I start to zoom back my view cuts off the left side window/door as shown in the link below. Thanks in advance! **I was able to resolve this. Disregard**
  9. I'm new to the Phenom 3000, but I've had no problem with the G1000 on other planes. When I enter a flight plan I always enter my departure airport first. I then continue adding way points. Randomly, after entering a way point, it will remove the departure airport from the list, showing only the way point I added so far. I tried this with 2 different flight plans and had the same problem both times. What am I doing wrong?