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  1. mysterio4555

    NGX Freeze

    Thank you very much for your help. I have just completed the flight ESSA - EKCH, everything worked just fine. I always had flightplans generated with SID/STAR already, but they were never displayed in the CDU. I have also placed RTE wind data. Now I eliminated SID/STAR form the flightplan and i omit the point with RTE data. Will let you know in case the problem returns- I hope it will not happen. As for now, best regards and thanks for help! Marek Mysior
  2. mysterio4555

    NGX Freeze

    Thank you for the possible direction in finding the solution. How should I do it if I want to use Cold & Dark state on every flight? Is there any possibility of creation of the alternative state? Marek Mysior
  3. mysterio4555

    NGX Freeze

    In my case, the only one that freezes is PMDG 737. FSX works fine, I can change the view and manipulate it. I had 2 freezes so far, both of them at the FMC setup during preflight procedures and both when flying for Virtual Norwegian (with their logger turned on). I fly also for Virtual Ryanair and I have never expected this issue so far flying RYR. The problem I encounter is very simillar to the one presented here: I do have a freeware version of FSUIPC, so no autosave issue here. UIAUTOMATIONCORE.dll installed according to the manual. Best Regards Marek Mysior
  4. mysterio4555

    NGX Freeze

    I have done everything as usual: 1. IRS Position, airport and stand number 2. RTE PAGE: Route origin, FPL loading, rwy selection, SID selection, flight number insertion 3. LEGS PAGE: RTE data (winds) 4. PERF INIT: FL, ISA DEV, TA 5. TAKE OFF: Flaps (5), Acceleration height, Reduction height 6. FMC Fuel loading 7. FMC Payload loading 8. PERF INIT Page: LMB on ZFW to load this weight, second click to place it in the proper field (all together double click LMB next to ZFW field) This is the moment when FMC stopped responding. At first, the ZFW did not update after my click (first freeze). Then, ZFW was placed in the correct field but at the same time some of fields disappeared from the CDU and the entire system stopped working. What is important, the other (right) FMC was working, at least partially (I could change pages, LEGS, CLB, CRZ, etc.) to be frozen up few seconds later. As for my FPL, I generate it using PFPX as I always did. I use Navigraph data as well. The important thing is, the two freezes I had occured using NAVDATA 1705. FPL below, after opening it using notepad. I don't know how to attach files to posts. Best regards Marek Mysior
  5. mysterio4555

    NGX Freeze

    Thank you for the reply. I have already flown many many hours in PMDG 737, everything was just fine until now. Problem arose without any particular reason in terms of scenery update or anything like this. Again, the first symptom was FMC freeze in Aerosoft Malaga few weeks ago, then today most of the switches stopped working during preflight on Arlanda (Orbx). My software: FSX SP2, ORBX Global + Vector, Active Sky 2016, FreeMeshX. Please give me any hint on what information do you need more. Regards, Marek Mysior
  6. mysterio4555

    NGX Freeze

    Hello! I also have problems with NGX freeze. I have had this issue standing at the gate on ESSA ORBX senery right now. At the moment I was placing ZFW into the PERF INIT page in FMC, FMC stopped responding. I was trying to turn off standby power as I have found an indication that it may solve the freeze problem but it only showed, that the entire electric panel is not responding. I was not able to turn off the APU (no possibility of any click), but at the same time autobrake selector worked fine. The MCP was responding to clicking, but no values were changed (turning IAS knob was possible, but there was no change in the displayed value). This is the second time this happened to me at the gate, in the very similar moment. I am ready to provide additional information as needed. Looking forward to seeing the solution to that.