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  1. Hello. I purchased the PMDG 737 a couple of days ago based on the outstanding reviews it has received. Installed, and realized how much reading I had to do...much of which would be extremely useful to have open next to me during flight. So with trepidation I copied the flight manual pdf's onto my Kindle Fire, not really expecting them to work but figuring it was worth a shot. To my extreme delight, not only do they work, but they are perfectly formatted and readable on my Kindle Fire! So, thank you very, VERY much for going through the trouble of ensuring that these documents work on a common tablet. Just the fact that the manuals and checklists are formatted in a way that I can use my Kindle to access them during flight has made me a repeat customer, as I just bought the J41 as well....and I haven't even fired up the 737 yet. Thanks again. I appreciate developers that make my life easier, and I vote with my wallet...a resounding YES in this case!