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  1. cpt typhoid

    Cockpit homebuild

    Hi everyone, I want to build a homebuild cockpit, here's my plan of attack: I have 3 monitors running that show the view thru windscreen and top of front panel (virtual view) and am very happy with it I want to add a further screen and build a front panel around it so that it shows the autopilot readouts and the PFD etc... That bit is easy as I will use FSUIPC, the chip thingy from an old keyboard and buttons ripped from an old vCR... Happy to help / advise anyone who wants to do the same, its time consuming but easyish! What I want is a stand-alone operating autopilot and PFD etc... to drag to or open on the panel monitor... The program aeroserver 737 looked perfect but I just cant get it to connect to server, so ... Please help by suggesting a program I can use, or help me get that damn autoserver to connect! Then I can get on with it lol Cheers Cpt Typhoid