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  1. bramsmit2009

    No gear, displays, fan blades

    Hello, i've been having problems for a couple of days now. let me explain: When i start the sim and fly (with t7) everything is fine. when i end the flight and i return to the freeflight menu, the 777 transformed in a grey mesh then when i start the displays are off, the landing gear is gone/retracted. and the fan blades are gone! now i have FSX SP2, advanced animations on, and already reinstalled the T7 and FSX. even Windows. So even with a clean pc. i still have these issues. i think i have a license problem with the T7 now i've already went to the support portal, explained it to pmdg, but they gave me the answer that i should start with the default airplane and airport. we'll i always do... i've been simming with a friend of mine. en we started to investigate. turned out that he had a folder which contained a pmdg license file. and i don't have it. even though the fmc tells me it's registerd but when i press license info on the fmc i get a CTD PMDG didn't help me AT ALL and i am a very angry customer that just spend 90 Dollars on something that doesn't work. instead they told me to reinstall fsx and the 777. well i've explained that already did that. It feels like i'm talking to an online bot or something?? Then i explained about the folder with that file i've mentioned. he replied: I have no idea what you mean, you're not supposed to see that. and HE CLOSED THE TICKET!!? well, i gues that means that i'm not allowed to see what's on my C: drive? i mean come on it's not even in a folder or so it's just in the root of C: so i reopend explained what i think was the problem (license related) and he replied again saying that if i get a CTD i can reinstall the 777 FOR THE THIRD TIME we'll PMDG, your products are great. but your product support is AWFUL!!!! :mad: :wacko: I'm posting here now, i hope someone can help me... Gear and fan blades: Cockpit (not cold and dark hahah)