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  1. StuTheDog

    An Fsxers guide to x-plane 10. Questions answered and myths debunked.

    Nice job Jess but there are still some holes left out for us neophytes. 1) FSX has the concept of displaying instrument "panels", the best I've found in XPX the 3d cockpit view which might show an instrument from askance. For example one plane I've flown has the ADF down in the lower right corner of the panel, using 3d is virtually impossible to get decent resolution or change settings graphically. 2) Like you I also live out in the sticks, is there any more information available how to contribute to OSM? I wouldn't mind modeling some local scenery if not too difficult. 3) I also enjoy flying gliders, there are several missions in FSX for gliders with thermals and ridge soaring plus you can build your own weather patterns to create custom missions. Is there anything similar for XPX? 4) Finally I really enjoyed the pre-built missions in FSX, for example "fly this aircraft from point A to B under these circumstances". Do you know if XPX supports this concept or if anyone is creating flightplans for general use? I'm getting tired of flying between airport A and airport B even if I follow the IFR depart/apprch/enroute charts. Thank you for your thoughts!