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  1. xtreme33guitar

    Maximum range

    Chris, Yes I neglected to mention the part of the optional 2 extra tanks. Oops. Point remains the same. BTW... cheers to PMDG on another fantastic aircraft. Much enjoyed. Justin Stunard
  2. xtreme33guitar

    Maximum range

    I get that I am beating a dead horse here but the fuel provided for both the A and the B is 19,932lbs. That is what the A version would have had available. The B would have had a little over 33,500 available at max fuel as it had larger tanks to provide those trans-atlantic flights....and it did still need to make a stop or two on the west return flights from Europe. If you wish to make those flights across the atlanitc make sure you make yourself available to reset the fuel load manager mid flight (not the most realistic manner but the best you can do at this point).
  3. Thanks PMDG team. Great work. Great product. Keep it coming.
  4. randazzo enjoys this far too much
  5. xtreme33guitar

    mmmm! That new forum smell!

    Hmmm... seems to be missing something... what is it.... hmmm
  6. xtreme33guitar

    What's next PMDG? B787 maybe?

    Again guys. Qualitywings is making the 787. Qualitywings makes good aircraft. Not quite at the PMDG level that's for sure...but they have spent A LOT of time on the 787 and if you look at their previews of it...it will be PMDG level quality. PMDG will not being doing a 787. They have stated they have hot fixes and and updates for current models. In all honesty expect them to announce a project for the 737MAX in the years to come because that is the next major aircraft to be release and is going to be similar to the NGX series.
  7. xtreme33guitar

    Repaint Livery Request

    Hey.... Would someone be willing to repaint me a jetBlue livery for the wilco a330-200 FSX payware? Regards