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  1. Case closed: The 1.7.04 updated just downloaded and it works again! Marc
  2. Hello, Somehow the RM Hold Pan & Tilt function does not work anymore. When I click the RM it brings up the FSX context menu. Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  3. Hi, I did a complete re-install of my fsx:se. After the installation of chaseplane it did remember my camera presets but did not remember my keyboard shortcuts. Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  4. Hi, When I have a camera with the 'Track aircraft' option on, I can't save it with the green checkmark when I find a new nice view... I don't know if this is a bug or behaviour by design.... (if the latter.. pls change this behaviour pls....). Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  5. YEZ! I missed it!!! And I love the way it is implemented!!! FAR better than Spotview! Thank you for your reply, Marc Nieuwhof
  6. Hello, It would be nice to have a camera option that's says: Force view at aircraft center... Now all the outside views are centered from the camera position. With this option Chaseplane would replace the 'Spotplane' view... Or... Is this option already somewhere and am I missing it? Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  7. Hello all, My NGX on P3D (v3.4.18.19475) gives a 'navdata out of date' with the latest Navigraph 1701 AIRAC cycle. Any ideas? Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
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