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  1. cactuscap

    Loading problem?

    Good morning, Rob, Yes. But, since I get no indications on the electrical selector panel, can't be 100% sure anything is actually happening. I have tried turning off all electrical power, including BAT and a/c remains powered. I have submitted a ticket. Thanks! Sean Hi, Pete, yep...done it! Thanks for the suggestion. Sean Good thought, Craig, and not certain. I have selected "adminstrator" in FSX. Can't answer if installed with "administrative rights". Is there any easy way to check? Thanks! Sean Hello, Elliot, not a silly question at all! Yes, they are ON, with fuel in tanks. As mentioned in org post this is part of a series of problems. In this system, regardles of fuel in tanks, and/or switch postition, fuel pump low pressure lights do not illuminate and crossfeed valve in-transit light does not operate. "I will take 'baffled' for one-thousand, Alex" Sean
  2. cactuscap

    Loading problem?

    True, Rob, it might. But then again it maynot. When a portion of the systems operate and others that shouldn't do, a logical conclusion could be an install issue. Sean Thank you, Tony, for stepping in. Yes, the iso valve is in AUTO, but I also tried in OPEN;duct pressures operate properly when start valve opens. When the start switch is selected to GRND, rotation -N1/N2- are normal; it is fuel flow that is lacking, therefore, no lightoff. The other issue is in regards to certain electrical systems not funtioning as they should. Kindly, Sean
  3. cactuscap

    Loading problem?

    Greetings! New to the product and running into several problems. Prior to doing a uninstall/reinstall, I wanted to see if anyone has any ideas. Sim runs on separate drive (I), which has only FSX. Dropped PMDG app to Program Files-->MSGames-->MS FSX. This is the general FSX folder; any problems noted here? Loaded -800/900, received the prompt for activation code, inserted and aircraft seemed to load without problem, showing 17 systems initializing. Attempted engine(s) start; no success. APU is running, packs-off, APU bleed-OPEN. Select start switch to GRND, start valve-OPEN, max motor N2 (28.7%) lift start lever to idle and have no fuel flow indication. Cycled Fire handles: verified down. 4,000 lbs of fuel in each wing, center tank empty. Even tried CTRL+E; no luck. However, with APU operating, bleed open, cycling pack switches ON/OFF does give the appropriate changes in duct pressure. Then exited out of FSX, reloaded. Asked again for activation key, “systems” reinitialized, aircraft loaded –same problem. Looking around the overhead noticed a few other systems not working properly. Verified battery-ON. Overhead electrical system panel does not show any power indications in any position; No center tank low press light illumination (tanks empty, switches-ON); engine drive hydraulic pumps should have low pressure lights illuminated, but don’t; turning off electric pumps still does not illuminate LP lights; all lights “test” normal. Reloaded PMDG 4 times –each time asks for activation code, loads, but same problems reoccur. On 5th attempt loaded FSX Airbus and only other add-on…both operate normal. I admit to only scanning the provided manuals, but very familiar with 737. Reasonable suggestions and ideas are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks! Sean