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  1. Hi, I’ve recently gotten into flight sim, I’m using an add-on called TileProxy. I usually fly out of CSS3 and the issue I had was that the FSX airport was misaligned compared to the TileProxy Scenery. I’ve used FSX Planner to relocate the airport but I’ve must a messed up because the airport is too far south. When I tried to move it back again, it didn’t work. I also tried putting back the original BGL file for this airport APX182150.bgl back in FSX’s scenery directory but to no avail. Would you gladly offer a suggestion? Thanks JD
  2. SirFM

    Yahoo maps not working

    Thanks a lot, your ini worked. I will check in more details what the issue was.
  3. Don't know if it's just me but my Yahoo Maps doesn't seem to work. I recently reinstalled so I probably screwed something up. Here is my Yahoo Maps entry in the TileProxy proxyuser.ini Thanks in advance for your help Looking at my proxy logs when going to, I have hits to When trying to access the nokia link in my browser I have the following message