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  1. matto9270

    Can't hold cruise altitude

    I turned Sim Physics X off and the issue still occurs. No I don't have hardware trim axis assigned, but I do have the trim set up on my Saitek Yoke on the 2 way rocket switch if thats what you mean? I do have the beta and I had a look on the Hifi forum and read about this issue. I turned ASN off and it still didn't seem to fix the issue. But i didn't reset the sim after I exited ASN. So maybe thats why it didn't seem to do anything? I have uninstalled PMDG777 and I'll try to install a fresh copy and see if the issue still occurs. thanks
  2. matto9270

    Can't hold cruise altitude

    Hi When I'm in cruise at say FL320 with the PMDG 777-300ER. The autopilot levels the plane of at FL320 and then it climbs to FL330 and then descends back down to FL310 and then climbs again and repeats the process. This also happens in both VNAV and Alt Hold modes. It just doesn't seem to want to hold the altitude when in cruise. I've tried deleting FSUIPC.ini and it hasn't seem to work. Has anyone else seem to have this issue? I've never had this problem occur with the PMDG 777-200LR and I've had it since the day it came out, it's only seem to happen on my last few flights with the 300ER I use ASN and Sim Physics X Thanks