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  1. SamyJay

    Windows 10 and nvidia inspector

    Hi Arndt, I do have the same problem with the Nvidia Inspector! :(
  2. SamyJay


    Hi Gurmukh, sorry for the delay, here is your requested FPL: (FPL-QFA10-IS -A388/J-SADE2E3FGHIJ2J4J5M1RWYZ/LB1D1 -EGLL1230 -N0482F390 DET L6 DVR L9 KONAN UL607 MATUG UZ660 ENITA DCT PEPIK UZ650 BALAP DCT NARKA UZ650 REBLA UL620 RIVOS UL851 CND UN616 DINRO/N0481F410 L601 ODERO UP975 EZS UT36 ALRAM/N0491F410 UT36 KAPES UL223 LAM/N0466F270 G666 ORSAR B416 DESDI DCT -OMDB0602 -EET/EBUR0015 EDVV0035 EDUU0036 LKAA0102 LZBB0123 LHCC0134 LRBB0147 LBSR0230 LTBB0240 LTAA0245 OIIX0405 OMAE0547 REG/VHOQK PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S2 SEL/CLFR DOF/150416 NAV/RNP2 RNVD1A1)
  3. I have nothing selected in my FSX and I am using NVI Inspector. I do have GPU options available from ASUS but have never used them sofar.
  4. Okay guys, thanks again. I just created a new .cfg and just enter two tweaks (one was highmemfix). I did not put all settings to a maximum - it is maybe 60% of the maximum possible settings and I just got that again:
  5. Thanks for your input! Any other options about DX10?
  6. @Jim: Thanks as usual. Will give that a try! @Bjoern: No, I don't have any SSD harddisk which I use for my FSX. Just the standard one. I have already completed the windows defragmenting twice. Is the one via the windows menu not efficient?
  7. Thanks again for your input Jim. I totally agree with you that I don't have any idea what any tweaks will improve on my FSX performace. But as simple as it is: I just want to have a good performance while flying and since I am not confident with my current situation I have search the WWW to find anything which improves the situation. Thus, I always had in mind that changing a system or a config will cause new problems. Again, thanks for your input and the link for the overclocking! I will put the down the value of the MaxLoad and will be getting back here afterwards. PS: I still need to find out how to get to the advanced mode for my MSI motherboard which got for my PC. It does have any option (yet).
  8. Dear Jim, many thanks for your reply sofar. I just deleted the Radius part out of my .cfg and decreased my setting to a point where I think it should work well with my hardware config. Do you think the value for texturemaxload is too high? @GSalden: How do I overclock my gpu? I have never done that before tbh. Any help is appreciated!
  9. Hi guys, sorry to roll out this topic again but these blurries are starting to make me crazy! I tried so many things (read about 50 pages about blurries) and also created a new .cfg but it all does not help at all. I still have bluerries the longer the flight is going to be. I got blurries usually when I am enroute at cruise on a flight which takes longer than 60 minutes. This is my current FSX: Beside you may imagine that I am not 100% sure if these settings are correct but I have changed a lot of things the last days and it was still not improving. Here are some facts about my hardware: i5 4670K 3.40 ghz 16GB RAM Nvidia GTX760 Any help is appreciated!