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  1. Yeah, wierd. I was going to ask, did you purchase your PC, or custom build it yourself? Your specs look really good. I am wondering if I should go the 'built it yourself' route, I would save quite a bit of money it seems. Plus one of my family members works in IT, he would put it together for free for me. Did a quick google search and managed to find it: Very informative- will have to have a good read through this.
  2. Understood. When you mention hardware guide, is that what you are referring to? I get an error message when trying to click on the provided link.
  3. Huh, interesting. In the PC Pilot review the reviewer mentioned that he was able to achieve around 25FPS while running ORBX scenery with the PMDG MD-11, and 50FPS with Carenado aircraft.
  4. Hi All- New to the avsim forums, so If I'm posting in the wrong place or I did something stupid let me know! Anyways, all my flight simming is on XP10 on a MacBook Pro, which is fine. However I decided that I would like to purchase FSX as I have been paticularaly attracted to PMDG products, and the simulation experience on FSX seems to be quite a bit more immersive in FSX then in X-Plane. I need a PC that could run add ons such as the PMDG 777 and NGX, FSDT and Aerosoft Sceneries, ASN, with good frames. (around 20-25ish) I am on the move quite a bit and a laptop would probably suit be best. After reading last months issues of PC Pilot I came across the Tiger Moth laptop, designed for FSX. ( According to PC Pilot the laptop preformed excellent. Would anyone care to enlighten me if the computer would be able to run the add ons mentioned with sufficient frames? Thanks in advance! Ethan
  5. Hi all- I'm quite new here to the avsim forums, and mainly fly X-Plane 10. However I also wish to add FSX to my library of sims- and it has come to my attention that I will need to purchase a more powerful PC in order to fuel my flight simming hobby. I use a laptop at the moment, and I really love the portability, especially because of the work I do. Recently I came across the Chillblast Tiger Moth, a laptop designed with FSX in mind. ( I read a review on it in PC Pilot, and from what I read the preformance was excellent. I am looking to run addons such as the PMDG 777 and NGX, FSDT sceneries, ORBX, etc. I was wondering if someone from the community here would be able to provide some advice on wether the laptop would be sufficient to run these payware add ons with good FPS. (20-25). Thanks in advance!