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  1. Hi, Folks: I wonder if is there a relatively easy way to get a value from Saitek Panel and use it into a LINDA function. For instance, getting the HDG value displayed by Saitek Multi Panel and write it on a plane LVar inside a function. On my specific case, I need this to set the Captain Sim 737 HDG bug indicator, that is not directly compatible with Saitek. Anyone faced a similar problem already and could provide a solution? Thank you! Decio
  2. Hi, ScotFlieger: Yes, this issue was related only to CS-737-200. LINDA runs beautifully with any other plane. But, as you know, because of your prompt support I was able to fix that and I am almost ready to finish my first version of CS 737 module. In order to share the resolution of this issue with the LINDA users community, firstly I must say that actually it was not LUA Engine freezing the cause of the issue, but my misunderstandig of how to use the SHIFTED mode. CS 737 has an issue regarding the AP Heading indicator, that makes it incompatible with Saitek Multipanel. Every other AP function as IAS, course, VS and Altitude are fully operational, but HSG. So, I had to write an specific function to deal with this and, in order to allow it works without interfering with other AP functions, it was necessary to use the SHIFTED mode. Happens that, because of an error of mine on setting the proper modes to the Saitek function selector, LINDA was shifting to SHIFTED mode and never getting back to UNSHIFTED, where all the other functions were setted to. As a result of that, every button or command stoped working, looking like LUA Engine itself has frozen. Specially because, after reloading it, LINDA turns back to UNSHIFTED mode and everything backs to normal. So, my learning with that is: take special care when working with SHIFT modes. Thank you ScotFlieger for your invaluable support. Decio
  3. Hi Scotflieger: Sorry by my lack of information. I will provide everything you need and send by email. As per your suggestion, I've upgraded LINDA from 2.96 to The issue persists but at least now I have the power of Ctrl-Alt-R. Great! I have wrotten a couple of modules and changed some others. I am far away to be a LUA expert but I have some background on programming and I think the CS 737-200 module is going to be well. I will be glad to share it as soon as I a first version be ready. Thank you for your outstand support. Decio
  4. Hello Folks: This week I got my CS 737 out of the hangar and started to fly it again. Additionaly, once I did not found any LINDA Module for her, I've taken the risky decision to begin my own one. I can tell you it is indeed on course and the main functions I use on my Saitek pannels are already working. However, I have being facing an annoying sequence of LUA engine freezing during the flights and also while in the development process. Key commands just stop responding and I have to reload LUA Engine. It usually happens at least once every 10 min. I have tryed many other add-on airplanes, including some from the own CS, but I only get this problem when using CS 737. So, it is very clear to me that it is an issue with that specific plane. However, I wonder to know if there is any way to avoid that problem, or any tip of what on that plane may be causing that. Otherwise, is there a hotkey to reload the LUA Engine? It is farway to be a solution, but would help in the meantime. Thank you!
  5. As ussually, thank you for all your support and attention to this issue, folks. CBird, actually I've never used 'event' instruction before, so, you probably right. It is not activated on my LINDA but I don't have any idea of what to do about. Decio.
  6. Ok, problem persists. I'm still getting the error: Syntax error! ...Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules Line: 54: attempt to call field 'Lvar' (a nil value) stack traceback: ...Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\lua\tmp.lua:54: in main chunk The odd thing is: LINDA is showing an error at line 54 of a tmp.lua file, while actually I am working on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda\aircrafts\PMDG 777\user.lua and the red line in error on the editor is the line #49. It makes no sense at all. I've found a similar issue at but the solution was not clear. I went check that tmp.lua file LINDA Editor is referencing on and I found those initial lines: require("ipc") require("event") require("com") function require () a = a end dofile("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\FSX\\Modules\\linda\\system\\common.lua") After that, it is a copy of my user.lua
  7. Hi CBird: Sorry taking so long to answer. I did what you described and it worked easy and fine. So, it is proved the problem is not with 777 variables access. It is all right. The issue should be at my LINDA module. I will perform other tests and let you know. Thanks for your support.
  8. Hi, Scot and CBird: Thank you for your attention to that. Actually there was some remark lines on the top of my user.lua that I just removed. The error I am facing is now on the line 47, that corresponds to: event.Lvar("L:ngx_ALTwindow",100,"PMDG_AP_ALT_show") LINDA is not recognizing the ngx_ALTwindow variable, what is strange, since this same variable appers before on the code.
  9. Hi, Crokybird: Firstly, I want to thank you for this post. I have been bumping my head after this issue with 777 (the funiest thing is that my 737 works perfectly with Saitek, with no intervention needed). I have implemented every thing you said, step by step and now I get all my rotary buttons working on 777. However, I am not able do display the AP parameters on the Multifunction Saitek Panel. At the user.lua file, as soon as updated it, the LINDA Editor claimed the error "53: attempt to call field 'Lvar' (a nil value) stack traceback:". As per my poor knowledge about this, I suppose Linda is not able to read any 'ngx_' variable, but the SDK clause is set to broadcast on, like: [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 I appreciate any help. Thank you.
  10. Hi, Scotflieger: Actually, after the last LINDA update to 2.9.3 version, I redid the changes on common.lua file you have suggested above and it worked indeed! This issue is finally fixed because of your support. Thank you. I just have to add that those changes just got worked after restarting LINDA, SPAD AND FSX. I think I should thank you and share this with others who can be facing the same issue. Best regards, Decio
  11. Thanks a lot for your prompt answer! I will check it out! Decio.
  12. Hi guenseli et all: I've been using this amazing module (thank you!) with no problem. However, since I updated my Linda to 2.9.2 version, I got a message error "A serious problem has been found. USER module creation error! Exiting LINDA". I can't tell you this happens with this module only, but other ones I've tested are working fine. I have tryed to re-install LINDA and this module but the error messege is still on... Is there anyone else facing this, or is it a local issue? Thank you.
  13. Hi, Thank you for your prompt answer. I've made the changes you suggested but unfortunattely, the blink effect keeps the same. I can't let SPAD away because the displays, so I wonder a way to effectvely disable LINDA display control. I will apreciate any other idea you have.
  14. Hi, Guenseli: Nice work! I have been here trying to reinvent the wheel and I have to say: yours rolls much better than mine! Thanks a lot!
  15. Hello, LINDA team: Firstly I woud like to congratulate you for this outstand software. Without it, I would send to the trash my 3 Saitek panels and I would never started my overhead panel project. However, since I've upgrated LINDA to 2.8.x releases, my Saitek displays have blinking or even not showing the airplane data. In order to make myself more clear, I have recorded what I have facing so you or anybody else can help me to fix that. Please find the movie at I'm using FSX-SE, SPAD 0.5.1, LINDA 2.8.6 over Windows 10 64bit. Thank you for your support.