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  1. Hi there people it has been at least a year since I've visited avsim and it's good to be back. Been steadily/fairly consistently getting some flights in.......mostly short hops in the CRJ using FSX and it's going well so now I would like to branch out and connect with other fs pilots and groups to fly with. Here's the thing....since I've been away I got a new computer but it came with no dvd player to load my old FSX Gold discs so I opted to jump onto Steam which wasn't around the last time I came on. Trouble Steam the multiplayer option seems VERY limited as far as participation/interaction for example it doesn't allow me to join ANY group via "connect directly" using their number sequence address that they give out on the websites. I seem to recall back when I was using Gold that there were MANY more sessions I could join and the people were FAR more professional and interactive (the Steam groups seem to be mostly kids horsing around and talking junk) so that said can anybody direct me what steps I need to take in order to join up with some groups to fly some really good ones that also host ATC?? Btw just in case......I took to transferring all of the files on the 3 discs of Gold to a USB thumb drive that I now have at the ready if it turns out that your responses indicate that this is indeed preferable to Steam. I can see all the files listed when I open up the thumb but have no clue how to add it all into the new computer although from everything I've read it looks like the "setup.exe" file on disc one is the place to begin? Also can anybody comment on what would least minimally/at the very least.......the best add ons I should bring in now in order to enhance the experience? I live in South Florida and my home airport is KPBI (Palm Beach International) so it would be cool to get a local scenery package. Also any good ideas out there as far as freebies and freeware? As I recall I think I can add a lot of planes here in avsim correct? This isn't necessarily a huge deal for me right now as I want to continue to master the RJ. I know this seems like a lot of questions but thank you people and ANY insights/assistance will be GREATLY appreciated!! All the best, Mitch
  2. Thanks for the replies with insights. Always very appreciated Ok so at the risk of getting laughed at I am going to list my specs but remember I'm just a guy who for the longest time wanted to get into flight sim so I loaded it onto my Win7 laptop which is my best computer and I gotta tell ya even though I know I know it's barely adequate for flight sim I have really enjoyed everything I've done for the past 2 months since I started and I'm learning all the time. I also know that in a little while from now I'm going to be consulting the forums and talking to you people about building a new machine for fsx. Okay so here's what I got.................. It's an Acer Aspire laptop............AMD Dual Core E-350 1.60 GHZ, AMD Radeon HD 6310 Video Card, 2 GB DDR Memory, 250 GB HD, Windows 7 64-Bit Note: I might have been wrong that it was the AI stuff that all of sudden killed my hard drive space it might have been the EditVoicePack program which I did right after I did all the AI stuff. So as soon as you're done laughing I sure will appreciate any insights or guidance you can lend me (ex. minimal specs for a good fsx gaming machine in your opinion) and thanks as always. Mitch
  3. Hello, Okay so recently I discovered AI and I think it's awesome. I love having all these different jets and airlines at the gates at all these airports. Only thing is.......seems like after I did all the AI addons my computer started coming up with all these "not enough memory" messages and now when I look at that pie graph that shows what's happening with your hard drive it's like MAXED OUT with very little free space left. Tried defrag but it doesn't seem to be doing much and this is after 2 days straight of defragging so I stopped it. Can't imagine that the AI files could have done this they didn't seem very large or at least I didn't think so. Any ideas? Side note: fsx itself is not running badly it seems to be okay I'm just shocked by how all of a sudden I've got these memory issues and the HD is all of a sudden maxed? Hmmmm Okay thanks people. Mitch