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  1. Mystery was a screen resolution issue.
  2. Hi, long time lurker, first time poster. I recently upgraded my PC to: Dell Core i7 @3.4 GHz Windows 8 12GB ram GeForce GT 640 1 GB GDDR5 I run it two 27 inch monitors. When I run FSX I usually have the right screen be the main FSX 2D panel, and the left be the GPS, gauges etc. (see attached pic). The problem is, when I can't click on anything on the left hand screen. Its as if everything is shifted right/left. To explain further...if I hover over the zoom out on the GPS or taxi light switch etc, its as if there is nothing there that is clickable. But if I move my mouse 3 inches or so left or right of the button/switch all of a sudden I can do it. I've never experienced this before and am hoping that someone might know why this is happening. This does not happen with any other program such as excel, word, etc.... Thanks! Rich