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  1. Loki

    Unable to locate fsx.exe

    And they shall name you above all overs! Thank you friend! I had found this tool in my Googling adventures but didn't trust it. Seeing it posted here though made me try. Thanks again!
  2. Loki

    Unable to locate fsx.exe

    I just purchased the 777 and when I try to go through Setup the first thing I see is a window popping up saying "Unable to locate fsx.exe. Unable to Install." I click OK, which is the only option, that window disappears and I sit here and stare at my monitor and say something like "Well shucks..." My system is an SSD on which the OS sits, and then an internal HDD on which everything else, including FSX, is sitting. How do I direct setup to see that FSX is over there and not on the OS SSD?