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  1. Hi guys, it´s my first post in this forum and I have to appologize if I do any mistakes. I searched very much but I didn't find a solution for my Problem (also the other topic with nearly the same title wasnt about the same problem and didnt solve mine). For any reason, my FO does some advices correctly and some not, but always the green message bar is illuminated so that I'm sure that I pronounced correctly and he also understood. For example, I can tell him to switch on the taxi lights and he does very well, but if I tell him to turn them off, the green bar says "select taxi lights off" but there is no voice response and also the switch is not switched off. Same Problem with the engine bleeds , apu bleed works fine. Also at any knob of the autopilotbut headings and frequencys get set correctly. the engine start switches don´t work but the wipers etc..... But every time I get the correct green bar! I've installed absolutely correct and read the manual up and down but wasn´t able to fix this! I also compleatly uninstalled the NGX (not only SP 1c) and FS2 Crew and reinstalled it but nothing worked. Please, please help me, because I like this addon very well! (PS: I have the latest version, cause I purchased only a few days ago)