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  1. zarniwoop

    Flight display's strange behaviour after take off

    This problem seems to affect my installation of PMDG 777 all the time. I have tried various aircraft configurations, etc and the same problem occours roughly the same time after take off on every flight. I am wondering if it is an issue with my installation (if it was a general issue i'm sure other people would have had the same problem by now). Will try un-installing FSX and PMDG 777 and re-installing it all again............. Luke Hitchin
  2. zarniwoop

    Flight display's strange behaviour after take off

    Hi, I have not tried the same without cold and dark, will do this ASAP. Yes, downloaded from PMDG and properly activated. Sorry, I missed the rule about full name (very recently created an account and I can't change my signature till Sept 19th so will just sign manually for the time being.) Thanks, Luke Hitchin
  3. So, I started from cold and dark, got everything powered up & setup. After take off I got to about 5,000ft and the PFD and ND suddenly went a bit crazy, all elements of them both started moving or spinning randomly. The back up instruments were functioning normally. I saved the flight, exited FSX and reloaded. Initially, the instruments were normal but after a few seconds the same behaviour returned. Hard to tell if it is a problem with the way I have setup the aircraft or a bug. Any help welcome. Thanks!