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  1. irvsax

    High Spec Machine - Low Frame Rates

    Thats really interesting. Thanks. I think that sounds good. There are always far too many planes in the sky anyway and atc is just always going crazy! I have found the airports very empty though, so will look into this. I actually found Mytraffic2013 a bit confusing during installation. When you open it up it says about database not being installed and installing a third part piece of software to do it. Turns out that was only if you wanted to edit. I have not played FSX for quite a while and last time i played i was using Traffic X i think, and that was much better, and i think there were far more planes around overall. With My Traffic 2013 for instance, and Schipol Airport (amsterdam) the only planes seem to be Thomas Cook.. doesnt seem quite right! I dont really know what i am after. I just want it to be as good as it can be before i get stuck in and use it. Obviously i dont want it to judder at all, and thats the key. I would just be frustrated if it could be better and i hadn't taken the time to fine out how. Especially after spending quite allot of £££ on a high spec new machine. Cheers
  2. irvsax

    High Spec Machine - Low Frame Rates

    Ah yes, I am using My Traffic 2013 aswel. I will give that a go. I just wonder how other people claim to have these really high frame rates and still use these addons and high settings. I dont mind reducing things (although i would rather not). I just didnt know if there was something i was missing given my machine should be able to handle it better than it is i think.
  3. irvsax

    High Spec Machine - Low Frame Rates

    Ai is about 70% on commercial aircraft and 40% on the rest it just seems to jump around allot. Had another go just now with the settings created by that site i linked to. Its better.. peaking around 40fps and generally above 20fps.. but it does jump around a bit at times. I am happy with a steady 30fps (would like a touch more), but its getting it steady. I monitor my cpu and gpu with external programs and they are barely being pushed at all. I wouldnt mind if i was maxing them out.
  4. irvsax

    High Spec Machine - Low Frame Rates

    Hi I am using a stock B737 with a BA skin on it. The weather and addon is the full Ultimate series from Flight one (ground, Terrain, Environment). I do have addon airports aswel and i expect frame rate to drop in those, but this is often in normal flight away from the addon airports. I have tweaked it, but most of the settings are very high at the moment. I have just used to see how that works If it means i have to reduce some of the settings then that is fine, but i just would not have expected to.. especially having seen people with really high frame rates with lesser machines and still using addon scenery.
  5. irvsax

    High Spec Machine - Low Frame Rates

    Have i posted this in the wrong section? I have seen frame rates discussed allot. I would have thought with a top end machine i should be hitting better FPS than i am??
  6. HI, I am sure there have been many people asking about the holy grail of frame rates, but i am a little stuck, even after looking all over the place for solutions. However, i also see people posting amazing frame rates with lesser systems than i am running. Just got a new system; Geforce GTX 780 3gb Ram 32GB 1866 Ram i7-3930k processor I do have some programs installed. Ultimate Terrain, Ground and Environment. Again though, i have seen people running this with great frame rates. I am currently achieving around 12-20fps from an external view of the plane and i can get to 30 if in standard cockpit or virtual cockpit (only if in it for a while though). I also have addon airport Scenery, that i appreciate can slow things. My current settings are quite high, but not maxed out, and even moving them down doesn't seem to do allot. I am running Directx9 mode as the directx10 has too many issues with addon scenery from what i have tried. I dont know if there is a solution to this, but any thoughts very welcomed.. thanks all.