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  1. As far as cracking the DRM, I have the original disks and I am not going to "pirate" the software. Its obvious the work around is a PIA and I'm not going to attempt it. I have an old VISTA (ugh!) machine I can run it on, though its slow and tempermental. Anyone try FSX on Windows 10 yet?
  2. Thanks. I have the original disks. Sure I am not of your recommendation hb61758athotmaildotcom so maybe I need clarification. Feel free to respond.
  3. Has anyone figured out how to get FS9 to work with Win 10? I've scoured the internet and can only find a lot of frustrated people with no answers. I've already tried all the compatiblity modes, re-installing, installing to a different location outside the programs folder, etc. Any new ideas? Thanks
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