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  1. Hello there, I have been playing FSX for a years and I have met with a lot of problems, but... few days ago I started my FSX and with my system specs I could play it min. on 25-40 FPS depending on scenery. But when I started it that time, my FPS were dropped to 12. I did not knew why, so I asked on one czech forum for some help, I tried everything from there and everything I googled for - defragmenting, controlling the processor overclock and temperatures, RAM and little bit GPU, unchecking all sceneries and fly without them, delete fsx.cfg and let the game create new and I also reinstalled the game and today windows too! So I installed the fresh game again, without any addons, without any changes to fsx.cfg and I started it. It looked great after start - 150 fps, but.. when I moved the aircraft or I started looking around, FPS suddenly dropped to 20. I already do not know yet where the problem is, so I am asking here... I also made a video with my phone to see what I see, FPS are included there to see the drops.. also in 2:05 time there are some artefacts from trees... it is default FSX. Thank you very much for any help... i dont know what to try, what to do with graphic card, how to test it or what. These things are happening only in FSX, no other game has got these problems. Video: System specs: MB: GIGABYTE Z87-HD3 CPU: Intel Core i5 4670k Cooler: GELID Solutions Tranquillo rev. 2 Gpu: GeForce GTX 460 RAM: 8GB Power: Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze bulk HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1000GB