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  1. Bryan Lee

    Live Camera and ASN

    I was just wondering if it is possible to get the Opus Live Camera effects to work in conjunction with ASN. It seems like it works fine on the ground but once I get airborne the turbulent motion starts and NEVER stops. I like ASN for weather, but I very much like the Opus camera movements, is there any way to make them work together? Perhaps you could offer a separate program that is only the Live camera to be used with all add-ons? I have the feeling its just going to be "if you want the camera effects you have to use Opus weather too" but I would really like to hear something different. Thanks.
  2. Bryan Lee

    FS2Crew cannot write to panel cfg...

    Yes , yes, I know that. FLT comm switch was on, there was no SDK error that I know of. Its not about giving up, its about not having to spend what little time I have with the sim screwing around with half working programs. Thanks for trying to help, honestly doesn't seem like this software was going to add that much the experience anyways. Perhaps I will try it again when the new 737 version comes out, perhaps not.
  3. Bryan Lee

    FS2Crew cannot write to panel cfg...

    Meh, all kinds of problems with this program. Can't contact ground crew, says stuff isn't configured when it is, gear not going up when commanded, I don't have time for this. /uninstalled.
  4. Bryan Lee

    FS2Crew cannot write to panel cfg...

    Given that you aren't a designated member of the FS2Crew support staff I could care less what you do. Already listed the error further down in the post, though I'm sure making some smart remark was far more entertaining than actually having to read. Both. I own a small PC repair business, so anything having to do with that you can skip. You can mark this solved, I changed my entire aircraft folder in the main FSX directory to (uncheck read-only) and it seems to have enabled voice. Now to see if the program works in the sim.
  5. Bryan Lee

    FS2Crew cannot write to panel cfg...

    I have installed it with admin rights, and run the config manager with admin rights and I am still getting this error. Exception EIniFileException in module SetPanelCFG_FSX.exe at 00026BoD
  6. Bryan Lee

    FS2Crew cannot write to panel cfg...

    Soooo, never buy a product from you guys again? Ok, done.
  7. Bryan Lee

    FS2Crew cannot write to panel cfg...

    Is there a solution for this or not? Anyone?
  8. I just installed Fs2Crew for the pmdg 737NGX and when I click on enable voice control it gives an error message with some nonsense and says the panel cfg cant be written to. It does this for both voice and button control. The latest PMDG update is installed, UAC is off, FSX installed to its own directory.
  9. For some reason when I loaded up my NGX today it asked for an activation code. When attempting to log in to the PMDG site to access the code at displays a "web page is not available" message. Is this a known issue or is it user error on my part Thanks. Bryan Lee
  10. For a base test I would recommend FSX on maximum settings (SP2 or Acceleration) and an approach into KJFK airport using default scenery and the default Cessna. Seems like the most taxing area of FS. So basically, all they would have to do is line up for an approach into JFK, save the flight as "benchmark" or something, use a temporary CFG file that maxes all the sliders and there you have a reasonably fesable benchmark
  11. Bryan Lee

    Could I fly a real Boeing 737-800?

    After what, like 20 plus years of simming everything from a Honda Civic to a F-16 I would like to believe I could easily configure, taxi, take-off, fly, and land a 737 NG. I have doen it hundreds(thousands) of times in the sim and it supposedly made to wrok just like the real thing so why not? Of course your hands would be sweaty, you would be sitting in ball soup and probably shaking like a little girl by the time you landed it, but I really see no reason why us seasoned sim pilots couldnt do it in clear weather with a well functioning aircraft. Flame away...
  12. I was wondering if there is a way or a utility available that will refresh the AI traffic MSFSX without resetting the weather. I was using FSGRW for weather and it was nice because on initial weather load it would refresh the AI traffic so it was using the correct runway from the get go. I want to use the REX+ WX engine but find that after loading the WX into the sim ATC will almost always direct me to the runway being used before the weather was injected often resulting in me getting directed to the opposite end of the active runway or to some random runway that makes no sense. Anything that can be done here that WILL NOT reset the weather, just the AI?
  13. I just installed FS2Crew for the PMDG MD-11 and every time the aircraft attempts to load FSX gives a fatal error message and closes. I have tried re-installing FS2Crew twice and this has not fixed the problem. If I disable the FS2 CFG changes and keyboard commands the aircraft loads normally. Honestly I am about done with all these so called "cockpit enhancement programs", none of them work. FDC is also a big pile of buggy garbage. I could have taken off and landed by now but instead here I am posting on a forum where I seriously doubt any real answers will be obtained. No, I am not going to re-install again, after doing it twice with the same outcome that obviously is not the solution so please dont mention it. My finger is hovering over the uninstall and send to trash bin options right now as I just want to fly and not have to go through all kinds of nonsense with broken programs. Do you have a solution? Because I have the ultimate solution if not.