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  1. Mike, Thanks for the help. Yes, now I can hear the controller just fine. I also turned off the ATC sound in the FSX sound setup, which helped. I had been hearing the ATIS with two different voices! Is there really just one voice? ("Microsoft Anna") I would have expected more of a diversity of voices. I tried the VFR tutorial, and got as far as asking ground control for clearance. At that point I don't think "Anna" could understand me, she just kept asking me to go ahead. My impression at this point is that this is a great idea, but further development is needed. -Scott
  2. Hello- I thought I'd download the free 7-day demo and give it a try. I'm sort of dead in the water, because I can barely hear the controller's voices, even though I've gone into the FSX sound settings and made all sounds as soft as possible, and ATC as loud as possible. Maybe the VoxATC sound settings are somewhere else, but I don't see them anywhere. I don't have this issue with the default ATC. Also, the instrument panel is barely legible. I can make it bigger, and it looks better, but not that much better. This is my first exposure to an add-on ATC, and I'm thinking about going with ProATC instead. Any advice of course is appreciated. -Scott
  3. Bert- I tried this and it is very helpful! Thanks. Oddly, the GPS looks the same when you press shift-3, and I had a sinking feeling, but then I noticed that now I get a handle at the top of the GPS window so I can resize it vertically as well as horizontally. Before, I could only resize it horizontally. So if you stretch it vertically and horizontally, the GPS looks much clearer. Thanks again. -Scott
  4. I went back into FSX and took the Baron cockpit and GPS and shrank the GPS to be about the same dimensions of the GPS which comes with the B1900:
  5. Below is a screen shot of the Baron cockpit with the GPS. This plane comes with FSX "out of the box." See how nice and crisp the GPS looks? Below is the B1900C with GPS (running under FSX). I find the text blurry and in some places hard to read.
  6. On the default planes in FSX, the GPS shows up much crisper and easier to read, when you press shift-3.
  7. Hello- All in all I think the B1900C is a really great plane, but I wanted to say that the GPS fonts are hard to read, the text is rather blurry. -Scott
  8. OK, I've tried it and I see it now. Actually it's on the left side. But your help has been awesome. You made my day. Thanks Mr. Bergman! -Scott
  9. Thanks for the reply. I do have experience with glide slopes in several other planes. I don't remember seeing anything moving on the right side of the HSI, but I'll try it again. Thanks again.
  10. Hello- I just purchased, downloaded and installed the B1900C yesterday. It's pretty good! One comment I have is that the glideslope doesn't seem to work. Is there a switch for it somewhere? All I see on the HSI is a horizontal line, and above it a horizontal bar with a small arrowhead pointing up all the time. What am I doing wrong? -Scott
  11. Is there a way two use two monitors with X-Plane, on one CPU, with the mouse controlling flight? The manual says you can have a second IOS window, but then the mouse cannot control flight. I tried it anyway, and it was very cumbersome; I didn't even get to the mouse controlling flight part. -Scott
  12. I tried re-installing and that didn't help, but then I tried headphones rather than speakers, and the sound remains on. For some reason, the sound cuts out when I use speakers (after about ten minutes), but does not when I use headphones.
  13. I can play MSF for about ten minutes and then the sound cuts out. The sound cuts out completely on my system; e.g., if I task-switch to another program, like YouTube, there is no sound there either. But if I exit MSF, sound comes back. I found a page with suggested things to do, like making sure you have the latest DirectX and your sound card driver is up to date. I did all that and the sound still cuts out. Also, this is kind of a recent issue. I used to play with MSF a lot a couple months ago, and it was fine--the sound never cut out, not once. I took the game out yesterday and started playing with it, and now the sound is cutting out. Any ideas?
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