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  1. Hey Op, Just like to say that i've been having all sorts of issues with windows 8.1 and my steering wheels and joysticks, I did pretty much as you did, and did a fresh install an d was still having problems. Finally found this thread after much searching tearing my hair out, applied your fixes (just the power management ones) and so far, flying a pmdg 737 ngx over orbx scenery have had 0 drop outs. So fingers crossed this fix works for me, and for others who give it a go. EDIT: Well on my third or fourth test flight i had controls the entire flight (kept disconnecting then reconnecting the AP just to check) and just after touch down i lost all controls, including mouse and keyboard. A quick Alt + Enter and then Alt + Enter back in worked a treat though, so... who knows? I hope windows gets there act together, i know the racing sim community is fuming (it appears to also disconnect racing wheels and pedals for some people.) Very Frustrating though (i used to have hair)
  2. I will get back to you guys as soon as i can get home and give them each a trial, and form my opinion on them all. Just thought there might've been a nicer simpler program than those, but i guess its one of them to trial haha.
  3. Thanks for all the input guys, i guess i'll have to download each ones demo and give them a shot. Not really sure which way I'm leaning at the moment. They all seem like the deserve a look haha. Thanks for the help guys Was a real help, they all seem good so i'll have to trial them all.
  4. Does it allow me to manually select a departing airport? And manually load fuel and such? From what i saw to get the full functionality from IF 10, i had to use it to launch FSX and i'd just be put in the plane with the fuel and payload already loaded. The kneeboard feature does look nice, but i plan my flights using Plan-G and other programs, so i don't see how i could use it. More info on IF would be appreciated, if im wrong, let me know Edit: I reread the front page again, it seems it can generate my flight, allow me to upload the flight plan i plan out in plan-g or others, and then it will upload it into my fsx as a kneeboard, and it appears i can manually launch fsx and use my external weather program. Please correct me if im wrong, more info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. A VA Does sound interesting, but there does seem to be a lot of regulations, haha but maybe thats what im lacking. Its mostly for my own personal roleplay, you know, internal dialogue saying "Well, i have to get these 11 passangers to x airport from here, lets plan the flight, fuel required etc" Air Hauler might be a start, when i get home i will download and give the demo a trial. I suppose i could just make my own random number generator for each plane, use destination finder to randomly select a nearby airport, and fly it. Thanks for the input guys, i might check out an easy going virtual airline sometime soon.
  6. Don't you have to load fuel and cargo through Air Hauler though? I like to use the Fuel and Payload managers that come with the aircraft, the one they recommend using in their pdfs. Also, its nice for cargo, but what about passengers?
  7. Hey guys, i was wondering if you could help me out with something I've been looking for a program that will let me run a little business on fsx using my Twin Otter Extended, A2A C172 and Airbus. I have looked around all over the net and have come across quite a few suggestions but none of them seem right. FS Passangers is nice, but i don't only want to deliver passangers, Also it seems to interupt my Airbus X Extendeds checklists, leaving me stuck. Its a nice addon (though the failures do seem to happen too often from what i've heard) FS Economy looks fun, but i don't want to be onliine competing, and the rental-purchase system has me a little apprenhensive. What if i go to rent the addon planes i have in my hanger and can't find them, do i use the default FSX planes and fly a plane i don't really want to? Also i like to use the Fuel and Load Managers that came with my aircraft, and FS economy doesn't seem to allow me to do that. Cargo Pilot and Air Hauler, both look nice but i want to transport people as well as cargo to and from different airports, and they seem to share some of the problems with fs economy i mentioned above. FS Captain is the one i've heard the least about, but it seems geared more towards large commercial airliners, such as the A320 and 777, 737 etc. I don't always want to fly those aircraft. I guess i'm looking for a program that will generate random cargo/passenger numbers and select a random airport to fly to from an airport i put in, within a certain range. Something that works on a "You earned x amount of dollars" Would be nice, but not really necessary as i'm able to role play pretty well haha. I had a look at Ideal flight, and it looks nice, although it isn't exactly what im looking for, as its almost too random (from starting airport etc, though the kneeboard features seem cool, it again autoloads the plane with fuel and weight, and i use an external weather program for real world weather, atm fsrealwx but i plan on trying out fs global real weather next week)) Freeware would be a huge bonus, but if i have to pay a few bucks for it, that'd be okay. I don't mind doing all the flight planning etc manually, i actually enjoy that part of my flying haha. I use Plan G for VFR and various online sources for the Aurbus. Thanks in advance guys, and sorry for the wall of text, all thoughts and opinions are welcome. - LordDakson
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