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    From Dickson, TN. Flies R/C Planes and is an aviation freak. Owns a VA and an Alliance.
  1. Guys, I'm a member of this really great VATSIM VSOA, and I'd like to share it with you. I am not a founder, or senior staff member. I'm just a pilot having lots of fun. Here is my plain and honest advertisement www.nwagops.com From the homepage: I fly as an Escort Pilot under the 79th Tactical Fighter Squadron (under the 20th Fighter Wing), which I command. At NWAG, we try to keep it as realistic as we can, keeping in mind that it is flight-sim, and we have limits. For example, the 79th TFS in real life is not a tactical squadron, but for NWAG sake we have made it a tactical branch to give us more options in it's operations (based on location, aircraft, etc). It's loads of fun! You can fly under a command, and have missions assigned to you, or you can fly "solo" and enjoy the privileges of a VSOA without any major requirements (only 1 hour a month). We fly on VATSIM, but we do FSX Multiplayer (Peer-to-peer, using "Hamachi" to allow us to host LAN sessions without being on the same network) for group flights to decrease lag, and be able to do aerial refueling, shared cockpit and the like. Pilots that join start out as a 2nd Lieutenant, and are given training assignments to familiarize themselves with NWAG operations, and the aircraft. We offer advanced aircraft training as well, for pilots that have no experience with military aircraft. I could go on and on.... If you want to learn more, head over to our website at http://www.nwagops.com/ Some more pictures to gain your interest (We don't appreciate enemy aircraft entering our airspace.....TacPack is in use!)
  2. Until we get this issue under control, we will not make repaints for any payware aircraft. I do apologize for this on behalf of Peter.
  3. I forgot to mention. I emailed Peter, and we will look into a license. We will post it when we get it.
  4. Thank you for the heads-up Leen. I was not aware of this. Most of the repaints we do are freeware, though some of the FJS 727 and the Rammsez 777 and a few others. We generally do not repaint the payware aircraft if we do not own a copy, so mainly freeware. I will look into what you said today, and email Peter about it. Thank you.
  5. PaintingPete is a business owned Peter Hürzy. PaintingPete Virtual Airline Graphic Soloutions Offers high quality, freeware REPAINTS, BANNERS and LOGOS for Virtual Airlines. All Services are 100% free, no strings attached! Peter (PaintingPete) enjoys helping out VAs by making fantastic HD creations for the VA to use and enjoy with no cost. All Peter asks is to spread the word about PaintingPete, Leave feedback for the website, and enjoy the repaints/banners/logos that you now have! Banner Examples Repaint Examples Logo Examples ___________________________________________________________________________ See feedback from clients here! Get your Repaints, Banners and Logos today! Go to the website @ http://paintingpete.weebly.com
  6. Check out this VA: www.bluehawkvirtual.com B)
  7. Whoa! I was going to recommend MY VA, but it seems everyone else has beat me with performance! BlueHawk Virtual Airways I have 12 pilots. We allow Emergencies if they are noted. You can fly the 737-800 in the 2nd Officer rank (50-75 hours), but I am willing to edit a rank to make a pilot happy :-) Our dispatch system is not like a phpVMS ACARS (we use VAFS), but we can dispatch flights to people. We are also a member of an alliance and we are pretty active in the community. If you just want to check us out, www.bluehawkvirtual.com.
  8. AeroFlight Alliance www.aeroflightalliance.com We are a Virtual Alliance for Virtual Airlines. We started out hoping to be a large business, but now are pretty much just a little group for airlines to join. We are a friendly community and give some features for our members to enjoy. You may say, "Why should I join with my Airline?" :huh: Truthfully, there are no big reasons to join us. But we do offer some benefits that would please most airlines. Those would be: Free TeamSpeak 3 server for our airlines to use The TS includes a channel for the VA Free Repaints for our members that need any! :lol: A friendly community Occasional Events (which are hosted by us and your VA) More publicity for your VA via our Facebook page and website When summing up, you should join us just because of the free TS server, repaints, and the nice community. We are a partner of PaintingPete Liveries! WE LOVE YOU PETER!! :Applause: We are growing fast! Apply your VA today at www.aeroflightalliance.com.
  9. I highly recommend Peter. Great repaints! We use them: www.bluehawkvirtual.com
  10. Will FS2Crew ever do X-Plane stuff? Thanks from an FS2Crew noob.
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