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  1. Mark.Gibbons7

    Empty weight seems incorrect

    Hi gents, Perfect, thanks for the response. Just wanted to make sure it was correct, of course I can work with it and ignore the CFP as it's only guidance anyway. Yes, double checked to make sure. Perhaps they're using the rock bottom 320,000, I don't see how else they could be doing it. Thanks for your help, Mark.
  2. Mark.Gibbons7

    Empty weight seems incorrect

    Hi, This may be a very quick and simple question for you all. I went digging with regards to weights so I could set up SimBrief correctly. I found the Empty Weight for the 777 to be 344,224 pounds (From the Aircraft.cfg, couldn't find it in the FCOM.) I've never been able to get my ZFW to align with my VAs estimate, and after finding this, I've realised why. Because my empty weight is heavier than their ZFW. I looked here for a reference: It states that the empty weight for a Boeing 777-200LR is 320,000. Now this weight would allow me to use the suggested ZFW for my VAs flights and makes sense, so I'm starting to think the Empty Weight for the 777 is incorrect. So my question is, is the Empty Weight in the .cfg correct and if so, why is it so much heavier than Boeing's documented numbers? Thanks, Mark Gibbons.