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  1. CaptCanada

    Xplane 10 Track IR Issues

    thanks all where can I find the plug in?
  2. Hi all I recently upgraded to XP 10 and have noticed that the Track IR has a tendency to vary wildly when in the virtual cockpit. It seems that a slight movement causes it to move to the extremes when inside a virtual cockpit, Cessna for example. It doesn't take much and it is hard to control as it seems to move all over the place. I don't have this kind of trouble with my Track IR in FSX. Thanks!
  3. Hi all I have had some experience withi XP 9 and recently bought the XP 10 Global Edition. It is a fantastic sim and right out of the box is graphically better than FSX, which I love as well. I have a Track IR and would like to know how I can stop it from constantly "swinging" around inside the virtual cockpits.What happens, unlike in FSX, is that the Track IR pans all over the cockpit and I find it hard to keep it steady. It seems like there are no limits for it. In FSX, the Track IR doesn't swing around and constantly move on me. Also, how can I put the local map on my second monitor and the XP 10 cockpit view on my main monitor? Thanks!