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  1. Good morning everyone. Long time flight simmer have been out of the game for a few years and have never owned a gaming laptop. Have a desktop at home that runs FSX quite well. However, I spend 25+ weeks a year on the road for work and have much downtime in hotels etc, I'm looking into buying a laptop capable of running FSX. I've tried searching these fourms and googling such setups but most threads seem outdated so I'll ask here again. I'm looking for a laptop to run FSX using PMDG products with several addon's such as airports, weather, and terrrain, but not neccessarily traffic. With settings moderatley hight, how feasible would this be with a laptop? I know FSX is CPU intensive so what is the best mobile CPU i could find right now on the market and how fast could i overclock it? What's the best GPU they can fit into a laptop case? And also what company would everyone recommend for purchasing such a laptop? I always hear about Alienware but they seem a tad overpriced. My budget is quite high fortunately so that's not a huge issue. Thanks for your help James