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  1. Barry Redmond

    Problems with AI lights and NGX

    Does anyone have any knowledge of this, or have had similar problems?
  2. Barry Redmond

    Problems with AI lights and NGX

    Hello This problem is first and foremost a problem with the AI traffic I use (MyTraffic 2013), but the problem is made up in two parts, and the latter one is perhaps part of PMDG limitation. Whenever I fly night time and get close to some of the AI models, their night textures shut down and they become more or less black. If I back away, they light up again. I found out that by pressing 'L' and activating your own aircraft lights, all the AI lights up, regardless of your distance to them. Now to the second part of the problem. When using the NGX, pressing 'L' will not do anything, as there is no 'main light switch' for the NGX. However, if I PRESS and HOLD the 'L' key, I will be ale to see the light textures on the AIbut flickering. So the switch does somethig but The NGX prohibits it from staying 'lit'. I wonder if there's anything one can do in the NGX to enable the main lighht switch to work and finally get the AI to light up as they should at night? I've also taking this with SimMarket, but also give it a go from this side of the coin. all the best BR