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  1. Works for me now in Hong Kong, thank god I can finally continue flying :D
  2. Well, this is even worse than a CTD after a 13 hour flight... Monday is not a great day for flying long haul... (yes, its already night here) I guess my weekend flight is completely ruined now... I will just give a last hope for the devs to sort this out before Monday and me throwing my PC out of the window :/
  3. Almost 3 hours has passed since my first encounter with this problem, now I am still sitting here with a paused sim waiting for a proper explanation from the devs, I don't even care if they will disable the internet check in the future or not, all I want now is they fix this problem ASAP so I can carry on with my flight.
  4. I am just 2 hours away from finishing my flight from KLAX to VHHH, just gonna pause the sim and wait I guess...
  5. Same problem here, restarted PC multiple times and tried reinstall, no joy
  6. Ok, thanks, I will try to see if the effects works at these weather conditions
  7. Hi, i have a problem with 777 immersion, i got no wing condensation/engine condensation, i have tried reinstall, test it in different weather and reinstall my fsuipc, but it does not help at all, i head over to the faq section and saw that the effects are based on the smoke system of the aircraft, so i tried to press "i" key for the smoke system. I saw all these different effects but no condensation at all, and i have installed all the effects from the installer, any ideas? Thanks.
  8. wangxr

    Aerosim 787-8 Repaint Thread

    can someone give me ana repaint?