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  1. Joakkino

    Doors don't open

    Hi Rthomas18, thanks for the reply. I already set keys for the doors (as i said above) but nothing appends. Door still won't open :( :mad: Please, no other ideas? :Praying: Thanks Joakkino
  2. Joakkino

    Doors don't open

    Anyone? please, i'm still waiting and the doors won't open! Please! Thanks ps. sorry for double post
  3. Joakkino

    Doors don't open

    Sorry, i forgot to specify that the APU is runnig with GEN1 in ON position and GEN2 has AVL light. Doors won't open anyway. But I'm confused about this: utility buttons must be enabled? And electronic buttons (those below APU GENs and Battery button) must also be enabled? Thanks
  4. Joakkino

    Doors don't open

    I also have a problem with all doors. I read many thread about this, but it won't works for me. What i do: -Set admin rights to my FSX installation folder (just added my user name and check all boxex; -set admin rights for execution of fsx.exe; -assign key bindings for the following actions: Doors>All entry left, All entry right, Upper deck, Entry L1 and Upper Deck L. -check duplicate key binding between game commands and PMDG menu/keyboard commands: all is fine; About point 3, i set theese actions for testing, because i wasn't able neither to open a single door. If you have any suggestion, please write Thanks in advance
  5. I don't know... But i'm sure that, before posting here, i turn my engines on (in simple terms), taxi to the runway (in the opposite side of the airport), lift off, flown across first 4-6 waypoints and the APU was still running. So have passed several minutes, no? Solution. Maybe... Yesterday night, i think i've found a solution for the problem: while taxing to the runway, i switched the battery off (apu selector in off position) and then turned back on; i tried to move apu in ON position (skipping start) and the apu was no longer running. I don't know if this is abnormal or not, but for me it worked. At least this time. If this isn't the right solution, plaese do not hesitate to explain your solutions. Thanks Regards
  6. Hello everyone! I read that some users can't start up their APU. I have the exact opposite problem: when the engines of my (pmdg) 747 are running, i switch the APU selector to OFF but EICAS still say me "apu runnig" and if i turn the APU to on skipping the start step, generators power is avaiable. Only one time i was able to turn it off (luckily): i simply made the switch become crazy, turning it in all 3 positions (off, on, start). But i know that this isn't the right way. How can i solve it? Thanks Regards ps. i edited the config file, so the apu burns fuel from my tanks and, as you can understand, i absolutely don't want keep apu running in flight (besides the fact that it would be useless).